I have a crush on a girl at work. Any ways I could tell she likes me too??


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Talk to her! You both will be shy in since you like each other.

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Ask her, then there's no question! Good luck!

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If he calls you often, treats you good and shows you true love. And also if he ask questions about your education and future, that means he cares.
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Building relationships in the workplace can sometimes be tricky due to certain violations and/or complications that may arise as a result of it. However, being in continuous close proximity with that person can sometimes lead to augmented interpersonal relationships. 

There are certainly some ways that you can tell if somebody feels the same as you do. Some of these include

  • Eye contact
Does she hold your gaze when you're talking to her, or glancing at her from a far? Or do you sometimes catch her looking at you, to see if you're looking at her?

  • Playing with hair

When a female is interested in you, it is generally assumed that one of the ways she will demonstrate this is by stroking and playing with her hair. It is an overt display of feminine behaviour that is generally a subconscious action

  • Nervousness
Sometimes (but not always) one can get quite nervous around the person that they like, look for signs of stuttering, slipping up, fidgeting or any other signs of nervousness.

  • Flirting / Body language
Body language is the one thing that we can't hide because it's unconscious. Generally, turning 'in' towards someone, leaning towards them, gravitating towards them etc, with 'open' body language (e.g. Arms not folded defensively) can all be considered signs that the person is interested in you (although this could be platonic). Listen to the language she uses to see if she is being flirty and suggestive.

I hope this helps.

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