How To Tell If A Girl Likes You In 4th Grade?


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•Laughing at jokes that aren't funny
•Looking at you when your not looking at her (get a buddy to watch and see if she does this because she will look away if you look but won't notice the friend, it's a good trick, we girls work in packs :P)
•giggling or laughing a ton when around you
•smiling like an idiot
•talks to you at ton (unless playing hard to get which is unlikely cause we girls like boys too much :P)
•tons of eye contact
•friends giggle on bug girl when you walk bye or say hello
• and if she asks you out on a date, say yes even if you are busy, make the time to go otherwise you'll discourage her even if you say some other time. Unless she says Friday and you say can't make that how about Saturday which is acceptable
• she touches your arm or shoulder pretty much touche you a much as possible
•her friends add you on Facebook :P
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   if a girl likes you its usually obvious if she hits you and smiles or giggles while doing it she probaly likes you. If she sit by you at lunch and her friends are at the same table but she decides to sit by you she probaly likes you. Thats  all its not much but ill make it better this was my 1st time
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If a girl likes a guy, she will show it in a number of ways. She will drop a lot of hints to the guy. The girl will call you regularly, maybe many times during the day. The girl will always be smiling while talking to you. She will share a lot of intimate secrets with you. She will always be eager to meet you whenever you say. She will not mind if you be a little rude towards her, but never take that for granted. She will never be pissed at you if you did something wrong. Whenever you both are together somewhere in a crowded place, she will continuously glance at you. Whenever you see her alone and when you go near her, she will have a big smile on her face. When a girl is showing all these signs, it is quite clear that she likes you a lot.
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Chatting, laughing, smiling a lot and plenty of eye contact are all positive signs.
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She gets really shy when shes around you.
She blushes.
She flirts with you.
She hangs out with you.
She laughs at your jokes.
Her friends start teasing her when you come around.
And when you ask her out she says yes
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Girls may look at you a lot but not in a rude way. They may also ask for your mobile number or I'm address. (Thats a good sign that they want to talk to you and get to know you). She will often smile when she sees you and if you ask her if she wants to go somewhere with you,she will be eager to accept. Good Luck!
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Not all girls will hint as much as you all say. Some girls wont make any signs because there afraid that the guy might not like her back. I think itds the guys turn to make the first move
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Well I'm ten in fifth grade and I like a girl (same age same same school  same grade) and I did know her for 2/3 years and I talk to her everyday at school but not a lot and once she lied to me at school about she having a boyfriend but then I asked her do you really have a boy friend she said yes then we were walking together to the school gate and I asked her again do you really have a boy friend she said no I'm just kidding I'm still single and she kept on smiling and starring at me does that mean she likes me.   I'm too shy to ask her but when I'm walking with my friends and I see her I ignore but then she was starring at me so I looked and then she looked away.
Does it mean she likes me.. And her best friend likes me but I don't what should I do....   
Please answer..
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1 if she looks at you all the time and can't stop 2 when you talk to her she smiles all the time 3 she is sacred to talk to you or she doesnt stop talking and if you need more girl info gest tex 469-231-2160
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Well one thing if a girl like if look at constantly and you notice or if she come 2 you more than most girls do common sense and if she smile at you all the time when she's around you boom she like you bro
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She blushes when she is around you I know because I'm  girl and my now boyfriend said that the first time he saw me alone he got near me and I blushed because I liked him so thats my sorce oh and when you ask her out she says maybe or ill think about or just straight up YES!
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If you guys r having a conversation if she tries to make it last long it means she likes you if she stops it she doesen't like you

hope this helped=)
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If a girl likes you she will giggle at most stuff that you say and she smiles and looks at you and you like her you have got a nice date.
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What made you think she liked you in the beginning, probably if she's still doing the same things you noticed before then there's a good chance she still likes you, if you notice she's ignoring you or pretending she's never met you then you might want to ask her. Maybe you could elaborate a little more on your situation.
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Well, if I liked a guy (I'm a girl btw) I would TRY to talk to him more, invite him to parties I host, talk about him with my friends, and do what normal girls do about a guy they like. Around the guy though, like I said, I would talk to him more, hug him more, you know, physical contact--not much--, and probably play sports or do something that he enjoys doing. Look for body language, most girls use body language to tell a guy she likes him. Good luck!
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To Tubldff, I'm sure your ex might still like you. But how I feel with guys I used to like, I don't talk to them much, and it feels really awkward to be around them...
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I'm a girl so when I like a guy I get all shy or flirty. Stare at you when your not lookin and when you do she blushes and turns away
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Hey, would any of you guys like to help me out with my situation? You don't have to but id appreciate it

My girlfriend broke up with me about 2 weeks ago because she is going
overseas in about a month and she said the relationship was putting too
much pressure on her and she wanted to be just friends. Anyway, since
then she hasn't been talking to me, she doesn't talk to me on msn anymore
and I have to start the conversation with her. Whenever I'm around her
in person shes all sketchy and keeps her distance. She also never looks
me in the eyes anymore unless I talk to her. Its like she doesnt want
to be around me anymore but I don't know why because I was good friends
with her before the relationship and now she acts like nothing ever
happened between us. I mean she will still speak to me but its like I'm
a stranger. I was thinking this could just be her way of getting over
me before she goes away but she already told my mate that she had lost
feelings for me and I'm now starting to think she hates me and I don't
understand why. She could be weird because she knows I still like her
and doesn't want to lead me on or something but I don't know.

Its really hard trying to get over the relationship and trying to
be friends with her at the same time but its starting to confuse me and
I don't want to lose her as a friend. Its hard to talk to her because I
feel like she doesn't really want to speak to me. My mates tried to talk
to her about why shes doing this and she just gets angry at him because
she doesn't like talking about the subject of me. Shes going away in a
month so I guess id get over it then but its really confusing me at the
moment and I guess I don't like leaving things left undone and it
worries me that she could come back from being away and still be the

Do you know why she could be acting like this?
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Shy girl: Blushes, stare at you constantly when you are not looking, and will shyly try to avoid you because she gets embarrassed.

Outgoing girl: Flirt, talk, laugh at your jokes, eye contact, asks you lots of questions; such as what you like.

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You can tell a girl likes you from the way she acts if she acts nervous that one way that shows she likes you the second is when she blush
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She's interested in talking to you and in what you want to say, she obvioulsly wants to spend most of the time with you, oftentimes when you turn at her, you find she was staring at you and then smiling after.
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She blushes whenever she sees him... Thts what an unsubtle person like me wud do! But other girls are more subtle and don't even show the slightest sign tht they like a guy, it only gets out if she tells sumone not vry trust worthyy :/ But if you do like a girl and your not sure if she likes you or not, just try talking to her more, hinting to her tht your interested :) text her lots and she might just return the feelings :)
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Wow that is a pretty question. Everything in women grows with time. You can talk about their feelings, attitude, friendship towards other men. Am meaning genuine girls. So there are things really that keep them styled up for you and the most important is on what basis or foundation are you relating because you have to know this that they are really sensitive. They  know from the first day  either you are just a friend or a lover. So if she realizes you are a friend but you want her to love you, she will begin to limit you. So you begin notice the things you used to be doing together you can no longer do them. She will stop calling you if she has been but in case she is interested then there will be lot especially one things she will do is, she will open her life up for you. She will always want you to listen to her. Any small thing on her side she wants you to be involved. Just like that I mean its interesting
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She won't stop staring at you. I like this girl at school and I don't know if she likes me. What should I do?
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By not talking to the boy she likes
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You gotta get some body 2 go see a friend of yours she dosnt know is a friend and have them come back and report if she likes you go for the score! How i know this? Cuz im in 4th grade and awsome
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Please somebody give me a anser there is a girl in my class who calls me names in class but she sends me pease ful leaders on gmail I want to know if she like me  and anser is act like you got hurt with you pals and the girl who care for you the most probilly likes you
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I would ask if you like me and if they say no and say something mean for example I would

ask if she likes you and if she says something mean for example I would never like you if you where the last person on earth.
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I agree wit elidagon .....but say sumthin 2 her so she no who you iz wen thay tlk bout you and make sure you don't look while there asking
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Sometimes girls who like u will act like they hate u.They will probably tease u a lot and jokingly punch u.

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