Is it ok for 4th grade couples to be kissing? I'm going for it but I want to know what you think.


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Betty Cheng Profile
Betty Cheng answered
If they are mature enough then yes just a kiss. No more than that ok. A kiss is a symbol of adoration and it's innocent.

Kids these days are growing up faster than the last generation... Be careful and don't try anything your uncomfortable doing. Stick with hugs and kisses. Cheers.
Indiah Miller Profile
Indiah Miller answered
Well I didnt kiss a boy till well 7th grade an it ook off from there lol an I was popular ! So I wasnt because I was a loser or haa ugly haa..:) but yeah that is kinda early for that to be happen..~INDY~
Ryan Rugraff Profile
Ryan Rugraff answered
Couples in the fourth grade isn't right... A kiss in fourth grade is typically just a little experiment which is normal and healthy but if it progresses to something more, which can and does happen it becomes a problem. So it is usually just best to avoid the situation for a little while. There is plenty of time for you to be a girl before you become a woman.
Dylan Lemke Profile
Dylan Lemke answered
Kissing is kind of ok, unless it's like complete making out
Meg Griffith Profile
Meg Griffith answered
It depends on the other person and what they think and I think it should be pecks instead of making out.
Roz McBride Profile
Roz McBride answered
No way dude! I think you should wait until middle school. I had my first kiss in 6th grade but now I'm 19 and with someone else. I wouldn't get too close in 4th grade because it's not really dating (your WAY too young) and it probably won't last.

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