When Should You Start Kissing?


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You should start kissing when you understand it's meaning and why people kiss. Along with that, you should have the ability to control the emotions that go with a kiss. So many people let one thing (a kiss) lead to the next thing (fondling) lead to the next thing (sex) and then they have gone where they had not intended.

There is no defined age if that is what your looking for. You should know when or if you are ready to kiss.
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When is time you won't have any questions.You will now when to kiss when you meet the right one and the time is right. Don't rush into it. When its time it will right and magical.
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When your body tells you your ready for emotion... When you can handle everything that comes with it. I, personally, just turned twelve and has kissed many boys. But I know that I am not going to take it that far. It is just a matter of self control and if you understand it all. I realized I was ready at 10. I controlled my emotions, and set sail on the kissing boat! I was interested in what it was like to be in a relationship. I am still with the same guy that I kissed the first time. We both have self control, so we can handle it. And our parents are fine with it. We just haven't gotten into the tongue stuff yet. It just depends on how you feel about it. If you are ready, and can handle it, then you are definately ready. But, DON'T push yourself!
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Ok whoever said over 19 your a sad person if most people including me say that kissing at 13 is alright. And for the real answer start kissing when you know you like the person , first time I kissed I was hmmm 11 and it was wierd but I'm 13 now and its kool. Just some advice don't kiss to peer presure
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When you're like 11 but not a wet kiss tho. LOL♥

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I think you should kiss when you are at least a teenager, but "hey", its up to your parents. Ask them they'll know.
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You should start kissing whenever you think is the right timing. When I mean the right timing, it's when you know how to control yourself. That way you won't get into sex and maybe get pregnant.
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You should start kissing when you have reached the lovely age of nineteen. This age is the most appropriate for indulging in such physical intimacies. You will realize the significance of this kisses only when you are nineteen or above nineteen.

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