How Did The Custom Of Kissing Start?


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Today the kiss is widely viewed as an obvious form of romantic affection, but it is thought that the origin of the kiss may in fact be prehistoric.

One prevalent theory suggests that early human kissing occurred between mother and child as a form of bonding.

How did kissing start?

The custom of kissing as a form of affectionate display cannot be traced to one exact time or people. However, we do have evidence of kissing being documented at various points in history.

Indian Saskrit texts dating back 3500 years show evidence that kissing was seen as a form of loving behaviour even back then.

Kissing out of respect

Interestingly, the kiss hasn't always been linked with amorous feelings. In certain cultures a kiss is simply a mark of reverence or respect. For example, in certain African tribes, the natives would kiss the ground over which a chief had walked.

In Roman times, people would kiss each other on the eyes or the mouth as a form of dignified greeting.

Origins of the romantic kiss

France is a country heavily associated with the kiss developing into a symbol of amorous affection. Several texts dating back to the 6th century suggest that France was the birthplace of the romantic kiss.

This trend spread through Europe and is probably the reason we associate locking lips with courtship and love.

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