When a guy has a crush on a girl does he think about having sex with her?


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Tatumn Parmentor Profile
Not necessarily. It depends on the person though. If he is a womanizer and only looking for one thing, then yes. But some guys aren't as shallow as those type of guys and may genuinely like the girl for her personality and not the various uses for her body.
Corey Levesque Profile
Corey Levesque answered
I really like a girl because of her personality. She is super nice. And to be honest i always think about sex with her. But sex isnt the reason i like her. Maybe the forth reason...
mido ibrahimi Profile
mido ibrahimi answered
It depends on his intenstion, some of them needed the right love and other are only interested for sex
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Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

Generally speaking, whether or not a guy has a crush on a girl....once he hits puberty...if he's breathing, he's very likely thinking about having sex. 

EternalKing ChronoSurok Profile
Thank you Tatumn... All guys aren't doushebags :(... Lolz jk
justin nadar Profile
justin nadar answered
By default  sex are the only one things which can be shared with lovers & not with family members if u both are really happy then don't waist time & rock the bed
Shane Smith Profile
Shane Smith answered
It just depends on the guy... I k ow when I have a crush I don't think about have sex with them untill we r ready
sam Profile
sam answered
Men were created to like and want sex. Most males start wanting to do it arout 13

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