Is Cheating O.k?


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No, it isn't, it not only makes you look bad, but it also can give you a bad name with people. Then there are the morals and personal values that you should have within yourself. Respecting yourself and other people who might be in another relationship. No, it isn't o.k. To cheat.
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Cheating is never ok not even when the circumstance of he/she did if first comes along. There is no point to lower yourself to that and it could give you a bad name with others if you do cheat.
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Absolutely Not! Under no circumstances is cheating o.k.
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Kaycee Perkins answered
Um no. Break up with who you're with before you make any moves!!
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The only time cheating is OK, is when the person cheating hasn't been caught or if he/she have no remorse. It will always end up hurting the innocent. Unless the other is doing the same.
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Only on tests, or with barnyard animals.
Roland Jimenez
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By this coment I surely wasn't implying it made it OK, definately it is never OK to cheat. What I was pointing out is that to those who cheat, that is what msakes it OK for them. But No cheating is never OK moraly or honestly.
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Why lower yourself to that?  First get out of the relationship you are in - then you are free to do what you want.  Cheating only makes you feel cheap in the end.
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No cheating isn't ok, why date someone if your going to cheat, even if it just happens break up right away because the trust is not there anymore!
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If you never want anyone to trust you, cheat. If you are a loyal friend or partner, never cheat. Cheating will backfire on you and people will never trust you.

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