Why is it that when your friends cry you can't help it and even you start crying?


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Nadya Bean answered
This is gonna sound super cheesy... But anyways... My good friends are like a part of me almost.. And i love them in this way... Idk :P but like you just feel so bad for them and you care about em and stuff... So you almost feel their emotions.i dont think that made ANY sense,,, but yeah!
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Maddie answered
Because they're in some kind of emotional pain and it causes you emotional pain to see that they are in emotional pain because they are your friend and you love them very much.
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Blue Jay answered
You must be a very empathytic person who feels for other people...that is very sweet and it means that you are a very caring person. It is mostly a girl thing. Being able to feel for others is amazing... R u considering a field in which u can help people....because your gift might be helping-" The gift to willingly assist others by enabling them to do their Kingdom tasks more effectively and to help bear the burdens of other"...sorry I don't mean to scare you...i just did a test to find my spiritual gift and I think your's is helping. :)
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Emiliano munoz answered
They make you feel bad as well therefore, your brain starts to remember sad times.
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joan saviour answered
Heard that there is an animal inside every human , this one sounds like dogs sing chorus at night
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Because you love them so much that you feel helpless when you aren't able to fix their problems..for their problems are not their problems alone..they are your now..
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Da Neen Da Mean answered
It's called empathy. You cry because you "feel" their pain or you can relate to their pain. It's what makes us human and girls...
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Jasmine Haha answered
Because this person is a loving person and they feel whatever their friend is going through so they cry with them((: It's okay If yu do that cuz I do that to but that's because I feel my best friends pain.

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