How Do You Know When A Girl Wants To Kiss?


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To establish whether or not a person wants to kiss you, you should first establish whether or not they fancy you. If they go out of their way to spend time with you, if they pick you out of a crowd to talk to you and if they listen to what you say with particular interest and ask you questions about yourself, it seems likely that they like you. If you are nervous or unsure about whether a girl likes you, you could ask a close and trustworthy friend to have a quiet word with them and find out how they feel. This will boost your confidence if you find out they like you or it will let you know not to waste your time if they do not feel the same way about you.
You can usually tell by a person’s body language if they like you and want to kiss you. If a person likes you, they will mimic your body language. For example, if you push your hair back, they might push theirs back, if you touch your side, they might do the same. You should try touching your lips and see if they mimic you, if they do, it is likely they want to kiss you. If they stand unusually close to you and stare at your lips, this is another good sign that they want to kiss you.
You should never try to kiss someone if you are unsure whether or not they like you. This can be seen as intimidating behaviour and if they only liked you a little bit, or not at all, it could scare them off. Try holding their hand to begin with, lightly touch them at an appropriate moment or give them a hug when you say goodbye to see how they react to this kind of behaviour. If they react positively and return the gesture, than you know they want to kiss you.
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I think that before kissing, a girl usually has to feel very comfortable with you. One way to bring you closer would be to start holding her hand more often. If you sit and watch a movie, play with her hair or put your hand on her knee. If she is not ready for these small moves, she probably is not ready to be kissed.  I don't like the suggestion made by maddie123 of asking for a kiss because I think that puts her on the spot, so even if she was not ready, she may say yes because she was put on the spot. Just go with the flow, it will happen when you are both ready. Good luck!
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She'll be staring into your eyes for a few moments and will start to move closer .make sure you also start moving closer to her and kiss her. Go on kissing until she moves way her lips and don't do it  when others are watching. She might feel embarrassed
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Hey guys I am 15 and ive had many kisses/makeout sessions the best thing to do is sit with the girl you like on a couch/bed and chat a bit flirt a lil. Make sure your comfortable and she is too, when you 2 are talking and the conversation kinda dies a little and she looks into your eyes , grow some balls and smooch her and pull her close to you, trust me it will always work.
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Well if she is looking at you and she is smiling and looking at your lips a lot then she wants to and is just waiting for you to move in to kiss her. But if she has her arms crossed and is not looking at you all the time then its a definite no. All girls think about kissing someone they like at some point in there day
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She may bite her lip and look in your eyes then at your lips, if you catch her staring at your lips. She may be thinking about that she wants to kiss you or if she wants you to kiss her.
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It's easy enough, depends where you are, how old you are. If you are school age, if she is taking attention in you then she will most probably want to kiss. But take it slow, not all girls want to be kissing. Ask what she wants, and if she likes you. That is always the best way.
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If she wants to kiss you she will ask if you want to sit down then if she dosent look at you she is thinking about you an if that last half the show then she'll look at you and she'll lean close if she leans  almost to your nose you lean in and then you kiss
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A girl will send certain signals when she'll want to kiss a boy (or to be kissed by one). First of all she'll let you know that she likes you by: Glancing at you a lot, complimenting you for apparently no reason, tell you that you look nice even if your hair or clothes are a total mess. She might try to get closer to you by saying that she's cold (trying to get you to hold her and whatnot). How do you know if she wants you to kiss her? She'll gaze into your eyes a lot, or look at your lips or bite her own lips. A good signal for you to kiss her is if she keeps her lips moist (with her tongue). Again, if you want to be 100% sure, just lean slowly and if she leans towards you as well or even if she closes her eyes, it means that she's ready. If not, you can just pretend you wanted to do something else. And there you have it. Hope this helps.
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Hi, have you tried asking her for a Kiss. Some people do not like to Kiss. Others think kissing leads to sex. Perhaps, she is just not ready. Maybe she has rushed into kissing in her past relationships and they lead to nowhere. She may want to take her time, this time. There maybe many answers to your question, the best will come from her. Take care!
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Take her to see Twilight, break the ice a little, then sneak into Toy Story 3 and let the steam roll in, it worked for me. I had the most passionate kiss of my life at the movies that night.
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I'm speaking  as a girl. Girls are very anxious especially at my school. I've never been seriously kissed but they usually want to; they want you to do it in a romantic fairy tale way. But if you're not sure if she wants to kiss you all you got to do is give her a peck on the cheek. If she likes it do it again, again and eventually slowly. 

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