I just don't know how to kiss. I have a boyfriend, and I am scared for when he tries to kiss me. What do I do?


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aw girl , you're not alone in these situations , all of us who may be inexperienced , or hasn't kissed before , or if so maybe a long long time ago , we wonder how the hell do we kiss? Like it seems hard to master and so easy in movies , there really isn't a book to tell you how to kiss , but there are the don'ts in kissing ., no.1 do not give too much tongue  no.2 seeing as it will/is your first time don't try doing too much eg. French kissing unless it feels right and you know your  doing it properly no.3  do not stress too much and predict when he will kiss you or will he or will he not kiss you , not always the first kisses go maybe as how you imagine , fireworks and all , but it may be your first , and it will be special , so don't panick , but if he leans in slightly  maybe lean in as well but see if he leans in more , and if you don't want to kiss him yet just tell him . But if he tries to kiss you , unless you want to , go for it , maybe just give him a peck on the lips it doesn't have to be anything like liplock or French kissing , one step at a time , the first is always nerveracking but after the first time you never know , it's not really that awkward and scary for you .. Good luck :)

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