I Have Never Kissed A Guy And Im Scared To Kiss My Bf? Afraid I Don't Know How To Kiss Him.


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Some guys especially their first kiss will be a little eager. They will kiss you like eating a pizza. Best to keep mouth semi closed, and if they insert too much, pull back. It is your first kiss after all. Only when totally intamate anything goes, but the first should be gentle and not too assertive in the tongue department
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Well, it will come naturally.

1. Start slowly
2. Start gentle
3. Don't use tongues right away.

You wont mess it up. And if he was to dump you after it, why would you want to be with someone like that anyway. I felt the same fist time and it will feel weird to start off with but you wont mess it up trust me. If you follow these rules he will think you are a good kisser.
Good Luck!
Please write back and tell us how it goes!
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I thought the same thing too. I only got my first bf recently.
Did you know in movies they're not allowed used tongues? Adult movies sure, but if you look in movies like "Twilight" or the "Harry Potter" movies, they use no tongue.
It's always good to start like that and work up slowly. If he no like it. Tough luck on him. You will improve.
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Well, seconds before you kiss him, you'll now. It's not so difficult, trust me
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Tell him you have never kissed before and he should understand. Ask him to teach you! He'll probably think its cute!
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What if i mess up the kiss and he dumps me?
Sam Hill
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I dont think he would dump you if you told him straight up that you don't know how to kiss.
bobbie smith
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Then hes a bad boyfriend it is your first time and practice makes perfect
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It will just come naturally!! It will be fine, just make you sure you don't think about it to much otherwise it will be a disaster!

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