I Saw My Boyfriend Kissing Another Girl And I Don't Want Him Know That I Saw Him Kissing Her. What Do You Think I Should Do?


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Depends on what you actually want from the relationship:

1. If you don't love him and just want him for fun and don't mind if he kisses other girls then stay with him but not as boyfriend and girlfriend but as kissing partners etc.
2. If you feel hurt then ask him if he has ever kissed another girl while he has been with you. If he says no, he doesn't care about you (lose him)!
But if he says yes, ask him why he did this; why he didn't tell you; does he really want you?
3. If you want to watch your own back, do it to him, but beware, it will cause yourself problems in the future as he could say you cheated on him and ruin your reputation for future boyfriends.
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What is your purpose of keeping it a secret to your boyfriend? Is it because he is keeping the other girl secret to you? Do you feel bad or good about this? Do you want to be just the second lead in your own movie that you are the producer - director and lead star (supposedly)? If your next move is break-up with him - do it now - and don't mention to him about what you saw. This will make him feel guilty and rotten, and think of you as somebody he will not mess around with.This kind of behaviour is not something you put up with because this will make your self esteem go down if you still have any left. Don't be scared of losing him - you never had him anyway.
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Same happened to me! I'm writing this hoping to help anyone hurt and betrayed. My b-f friend is a cameraman, which means he travels a lot! Almost every two months he goes away for 2-3 weeks. I never had any doubts is he cheating on me or not, we were best friends, soul mates, but I was very unhappy, when just after I reorganized all my life (I moved from Poland to Holland) he started to travel more that usually and more than we both expected. I was staying home alone for many days without job and friends. After few months I got sort of depression, from cheerful and happy girl I turned into always complaining and doubting woman. I started to doubt is our relationship strong enough to survive and will I manage with him being so often away. He was patient for a while but soon, he also started to doubt in us when I demanded him to quit his job and move with me to Poland. Just after another fight he went for 2 weeks to Turkey, where he met his friend. They meet every year and like each other, he told me that many years ago (when we were not 2gether) they had a one nite-stad, but since that time nothing happened. Unfortunately this year was different, our relationship was in a crisis, he wasn't sure will I be waiting for him when he comes back, she was hunting him and there was alcohol involved, they kissed! He hadn't told me, I had to start my own investigation after I noticed some kind of fear in his eyes when he came back. He seemed same loving and carrying, but when I looked in his eyes there was sth worrying. I asked him thousand times, he was lying all the time, soon I figured she was there and that sth happened between two of them, but I didn't know what and I didn't have any proof. I became obsessed in my investigation, soon I found his sms to her sent day after he came back. He said that he missed their night talks! Gosh he admitted they kissed once but nothing else, I didn't believe. Decided to leave. That was a nightmare, as an emotional person with big imagination I saw them in my mind kissing and making love. I hated him but soon I realised that maybe I'm wrong, maybe he deserves another chance and that I cannot leave like that. Maybe for the rest of my life I'll regret it. I became computer gig, checked every mail, every conversation, even restored from a disc pictures she sent him. In the end I called that girl and asked for telling me the truth. It's risky girls! You  never know is it a nice girl or just a bitch that is determined to get your man by any means. I took my chance, she turned out to be a nice girl, regretting this what she did, admitting that she was hunting him, she confirmed that there was nothing apart form one pretty innocent kiss and although she wanted more, even be with him and also move to Holland, he told her all that time that it's impossible because he loves me. Our relationship has survived, moreover, we are happier that ever before. After almost three months I'm not thinking of that anymore, I stopped doubting, stopped having nightmares. We enjoy every moment spent together like never before and like never before we are sure that we want to be together does not matter whatever it takes. My b-f is even thinking of getting married and moving to Poland. He's traveling again and I'm not afraid because I know it was just about one woman, whom he liked, felt comfortable with and who was chasing him. I try to trust him again, I know he went through hell, sleepless nights and weeks of true regret. The only thing is that in October he'll see her again and I can't help it. I have a choice btw getting crazy at home and fighting with  my paranoia or joining him, he says that he'd like me to go with him. I still have few months to decide.

Here are some tips girls:
-think do you still want to keep that relationship, are you ready to fight and trust again. It won't be easy you might decide after few days that it's over and you forgave, but it may come back to you, pain, doubts, tears.
-make sure that you'll sit down and talk about it, why it happened? Try to control your emotions, otherwise it will end up as a fight and that leads to nowhere.
-if you feel like, take some break to get over it, think it over, decide.
-DON'T TAKE A REVANGE! I know it's tempting, but instead of one problem you'll get two! Satisfaction lasts shortly and is followed by bitter regrets.
-try to put yourself in his position, betrayal is usually caused by a crisis, imagine yourself in a mystery time with somebody whom do you trust, like and maybe had sth in the past with, who knows what might happen, then it's easier to forgive.
-do not use it against him while having fights about sth not related to his betrayal, than it will never end, do it also for your sake.
-if you have somebody you can trust talk about it, but don't get everybody involved, it's your problem
-I know it's hard but try not to endlessly check his phone and e-mail box, stay alert but don't spy on him, you'll drive yourself crazy
-try to find your guilt in causing the crisis
-focus on your relationship but don't forget about yourself, make yourself happy

I hope I managed to help you. I know you are hurt and angry like never before. Been there done that, but trust me, the pain will go away and you'll start to smile sooner than you think. BE STRONG GIRLS!
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What you should do is bring what you saw to his attention because you don't need him. if he was kissing some other girl but if you talk to him and he says that he is sorry you should try to give him one more chance if you want to.
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If he had nothing to hide he would have told you about the kiss, but seeing as he has not even told you then the lying has started and even though you think you might be in love with him, you need to break it off now before he really hurts you. Every time he goes out by himself now, you will be thinking what he is up to and who he is with and once the green eyed monster (jealousy) gets a hold of you, then it is your life that will suffer so do yourself a favour love and get out of this relationship now before it is too late.
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A true & honest relationship is a long-lasting one. If that's not what you're in for... That's okay. But in my opinion he needs to KNOW RIIIIIGHT NOW about what you saw honey.. But hey, that's just me

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If you want to be truly secretive and get together with that other girl and find away to surprise your soon to be ex-boyfriend.
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Well you don't want him to know that you've seen him kissing another girl well you need to ask him because him might have another lover on the side the person you seen.It sounds like you guys will not last that long.

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