I Like A Girl Who Is Really Shy. How Do I Let Her Know That I Like Her - And Get Her To Open Up To Me Too?


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Telling a girl you like her is hard enough, but when that girl is also very shy it makes communication even more difficult. My advice would be to take it slowly and try to make her feel comfortable and relaxed.

How to show a shy girl that you like her

The most obvious idea that comes to mind is to let her know how you feel without telling her face-to-face.

You could do this by writing her a letter, sending her a note in class, or even by simply emailing or texting her. This will take some of the pressure and intensity off her shoulders.

Making a girl laugh is also another way you can help her feel at ease. You'll find that once a girl is laughing and having fun, things become less serious and tense.

Asking a shy girl out on a date

If you plan to ask a shy girl out, try and make things as casual and light-hearted as possible. Inviting her to dinner at an expensive restaurant where she'd be expected to dress up might make the prospect of going on a date seem rather daunting.

Why not suggest doing something fun and laid-back like bowling or visiting your favourite fast food restaurant.
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Yeah, been there done that, and there is no easy way out. The only way to do it this is...

Get someone to introduce you to her. It will be uncomfortable at first, but don't despair. Become her friend. Then tell her how you feel.

Don't try anything silly - you might just mess up something good. This is the hard way but believe me, it's the ONLY WAY. Old school RULES....

Good Luck Bro...
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"Shy" means that she has feelings for you. So you only have half the way to go.

I want to give you an advice as a girl. Just show her how much you care about her. It could be more effective than simply saying 'I love you, I love you' a thousand times.

If she needs some help, be the first person to help her. Show her a 'Your-wish-is my-command attitude' as much as you can. Don't ring her up very often. It's so childish and it will only annoy her.

Show yourself to be mature and intelligent. Don't say that you love her untill your relationship gets more than a year old.

It sometimes makes the girl misunderstand and she may think that you are not serious about her. Don't use 'I love you or I like you' which can directly let her know, even when the right time to open yourself up to her comes.

Do romantic things which can never be erased from her memory throughout her life. Be the reliable person (like the big brother) rather than as a boyfriend. As the time passes, she will be all yours. Even if another rival came up,the memorable events and the care you showed her will surely push him off.

At that time you don't even need to ask her to love you. Her attitude towards you will surely tell it all. Also, you can feel she loves you too. Believe me! No one can understand a girl's mind better than a girl. Good luck buddy!
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Didn't say shy around him. Said she was just shy which means she's shy all the time meaning she's probably shy with anybody she doesn't know. That does not mean she likes everybody now, does it?
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I have been in this situation myself. I met a boy when I was 8 and he was 12. I was very shy and never seemed to say very much but just being near him was enough. He did the talking; I did the listening. We just used to sit together in the park or fishing. I felt safe.

That went on until I was 16 and I met and married someone else. That didn't last long and I married again had 5 children and was married for 25 years but every now and again I thought of this boy and guess what we bumped into each other all those years later - 34 to be exact and now we are married.

And the moral is just take your time, be her friend and she will learn to trust you because that is why some girls are shy - they need to know what it is you expect from them. I was still shy when we met again. It is an effect some men have on a woman. Good luck.

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