How Could I Show A Girl I Really Care About Her Know It When She Just Ignores Me?


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My suggestion is don't chase her.  You have already told her that you like her.  She may be interested in someone else right now and was just trying to be nice.  That doesn't mean you can't be her friend.  I would just say be yourself and be nice.  See if you can just be friends and hang out and go from there.  But don't chase her that will just chase her away.  She might just need to get to know you more.  And being friends is the best way.  So chill and take things slow and respect her feelings.  If your feelings get in the way then occupy yourself doing something else that keeps you busy and your mind off of her.  Another girl will come along eventually if this is not meant to be and not the right girl.  Good luck and go slow. 
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emma_babee m answered
Well she has already told you that she isn't into that sort of thing
just confront her and ask her why she is ignoring you after saying how you
felt I don't want what I'm about to say take offense but
maybe what she meant by "I'm into that kind of thing" was I'm not ready, I'm not allowed or possible I'm attracted to the same sex
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tanya campbell answered
Are you okay with just being her friend?? If so tell her that even though you like her (like that) you would really just love to be her friend. Maybe send her a text message or slip her a little creative note if she is ignoring you and there's no way of getting through to her. Hopefully she will at least want to get to know you and be your friend since she doesn't want to be your "girlfriend".  and don't try "pushing" the issue if she's still backing off,  if your a great guy then she will see that and maybe start a friendship with you.

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