How To Toast A Girl?


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To toast a girl and make her happy, flatter her beauty, intelligence, or talent while raising your glass to her. A toast doesn't have to be eloquent, or something Shakespeare might have written; however, in a pinch, borrowing some lovely couplet from William Shakespeare (the Bard) might not be a bad idea!

Toasting Tips

• How you toast a girl depends on your relationship with her; if she's a love interest or partner, you could toast her with "Let's raise our glasses to the most beautiful girl I know", or something like that.
• If the girl is a sister or platonic friend, consider toasting her with a funny tidbit that shows how well you know her, such as, "Let's drink to the girl who has memorized every line of dialogue from the entire Sex and The City television series!" The goal is just to be witty and fun, without actually embarrassing the person very much. Toasts should be lighthearted and they should never be mean-spirited. Since toasts are often public events, it's important to be politically correct - never, never comment on a women's weight or appearance in your toast. Focus on the positive, and be a gentleman or be ladylike while toasting a special girl.

To be the best toaster you can be, join a social group, such as Toastmasters, and learn how to refine your public speaking skills - this can be an excellent way to polish your performance before an important toast, such as a wedding toast. To get even better, videotape yourself practising, or do a few pretend toasts in front on a mirror, or an audience of trusted friend. It's possible to do a toast that is lovely and sophisticated, just by spending a little time planning things beforehand. Look for videos of toasts on Youtube to find more inspiration.
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The answer here may help you - how to toast a lady?
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Raise your glass to her and give her the greeting you wish.
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You first need to slice her into small enough pieces to fit in the toaster, then use one of those sandwich grids to stop the meat falling apart.
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An old-fashioned way, but quite nice, is to say 'Here's to the lovely Anna (or Mrs Smith if it's a more formal occasion.) You can also say 'I propose a toast to Anna' or simply 'I propose a toast' and then just 'Anna!' (That way is a bit more dramatic.) If it's a lot of them you can also say 'The ladies' or similar.

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