How To Ask A Girl Out?


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If you know for a fact that she likes you, first thing she is never gonna ask you, if you know she likes you, all you have to do is open your mouth, it wont even matter what you say, she will say yes, you should def do it when you can be alone and intimate , that way there's no jitter outlet for either of you, and lastly it doesn't matter where you go, but i think movies are great first dates , you don't have to say much and you can hold her hand for the first time , and see how crazy that is... Lol my friend I hope your life is wonderful and you have the time of your life with that girl! Good luck!
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You can start the conversation with her by asking questions like :'what's your favorite food?' or 'whats your favorit music'? Since every one has favorite food and music, you will definitly get an reply from her, and then you can say, ' I know a place where has ..., how about we go together next time?" And if she likes you, she will say yes, and there you go.

Good luck!
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i don't think that is how you ask a girl out. i am not saying its the wrong way and I'm not saying its the right way. maybe a guy should complment something pretty about her and then say -ex. do you like Chinese food- and if she says yes he should say- you know we should get together about this Saturday at this great Chinese place. how about 7-okay then its a date

so lovelyme your answer was somewhat right i just added a bit of a tweek
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hi, sammy, thanks, everyone has their own approach.. your opinion are welcome
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First of all don't think like that! I mean if she already likes you, then you may have fallen into her trap. Women are evil, not in the sense that they want to do harm to you. In the sense that they don't like to take chances. Yes a man should be a man, but if she plays hard to get then don't be stubborn and keep pounding away till she gives. Only if your sure that she likes you, if not then again reconsider asking her questions like how her day has been up to this point, if she likes you her day could not have been better, if she doesn't like you then she will reveal her what really happened, like the day has been dull. Girls (Not women, because they aren't yet fit to become mothers!) tend to want you to share there feelings with you in the way which sets the mood. Coming from a guy who makes seven figures and is still single I advice you that my advice leads only towards sex and friendship in the long run. If your looking for Marriage then you probably want kids, not really the wife (Because if she is over 22 years of age then she's probably realized that being a free-lance hoe doesn't get you paid enough and it also isn't a secure job). My girl-friends that I don't sleep with have given me this light. Marriage is a promise to God not to anyone else, not even yourself. So in short tap her on the shoulders (Catch her off guard if possible, so you can test her to see how much she likes you at an instance) and simply say "(Her Name), would you like to join me this (date) and catch a movie." (Sigh of confidence) Make it seem like you want her not like you need the movie...if you know what I mean, nothing sexual. Cause it will cost you extra just for that later! Good luck, keep this between us and the world.Doctor of Love
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Just ask to talk to her when she's not with her friends this will avoid embarrassment. Just tell her how you feel and if she feels the same she will tell you. Ask her out when you speak to her, you don't have to take her to a restaurant etc.. Just to ask her out.

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