What's The Best Way To Ask A Girl Out On A Date - Without Being Too Cheesy?


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There is a lot of information and advice out there about the best way to ask a girl out. The truth is that each girl will respond differently, so there's no guaranteed answer to this question. Having said that, I'd recommend considering the following advice:

How to ask a girl out You mentioned not being cheesy in your question, but I'd suggest that cheese could even work, depending on how it's delivered! The main thing you'll need is a bit of confidence to pull it off.

Confidence- It's a quality that is always appealing to women, and is also something she'll pick up on straight away. It's not always easy to appear self-assured, but asking a girl out with a bit of confidence really will make a difference.

Humour- Girls love a guy who can make them laugh. That doesn't mean you need to go overboard and become a joker, but showing her that you've got a sense of humor and know how to have fun is important.

Getting to know her- Women are suspicious creatures. Asking a girl who you barely know out on a date will make her wonder why you are interested in her. It may be that you are simply physically attracted to her (which is perfectly normal) but most girls are interested in more than just sex. Showing her that there's more than just a physical attraction will give her an extra reason to want to get to know you better on a date.
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It is a natural phenomenon to react towards the presence of the opposite sex. After a certain age, most of the time adolescence, it is observed that males and females enjoy one another's company. When the attraction overpowers the individual's capacity to 'withdraw', it results in what is referred to as 'dating'. However, the attraction should be mutual for a date to be successful. This attraction is commonly observed within friend circles, where people within the group tend to spend much time together. This helps the members in the group to know one another fairly well and leads to the obvious attraction between the opposite sexes, in many cases.

When asking a girl out on a date for the first time, you need to indulge in a little self-analysis first. You need to be sure that you intend to go out with the person concerned. It is rude to set and then cancel a date. Once you are sure about your wanting to 'see' the girl, you need to also enquire within the group or otherwise, whether the girl is equally 'interested' in you. This makes it easier to comprehend the outcome of the approach. Subtle questioning and 'round-about' enquiries certainly help. When everything seems in place and just the way you anticipated, you could indulge in group outings initially. This would help her to cope being in your company, beyond the confines of her 'secure' society. This will also help you to observe her reaction to your presence. Remember that mutual respect and admiration are the underlining factors for a successful date.

Your attempt to ask her out on a date alone, without the group toeing the line, should be private and open to rejection. An affirmative answer is most welcome, but you should also be able to respect her for a negative one. You could suggest an outing at a social 'do' or any place that is not secluded. It is common for a girl to reject a 'private' date at first. Make sure you don't push yourself too much and make the entire experience disgusting for both of you.
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Just impress her with something that interests her. Try to be normal and act pleasantly with everyone.
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Say "Hey I was going to the ... on Saturday and I was wondering if you wanted to come?  Easy. And take this from a girl who cares.

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