What Questions Not To Ask A Girl In Date?


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Michael Lai Profile
Michael Lai answered
How old she is, how much she weighs, how tall she is, basically anything to do with appearances.
kanesha tucker Profile
kanesha tucker answered
-are you a virgin
-how old are you
-did you brush your teeth
-how many men have you been with
-are you horny
-is you a freak
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Anonymous answered
Heres a lame one..
So....your a girl?
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
"Do you put out?"
"Oh Em Gee, where did you get those SHOES!?"
"What kinda car do you drive?"
"So, is your family loaded?"
"What color is your underwear?"
"How do you feel about anal sex?"
"Ever wondered what happens at a sewage treatment plant?"
"So, what about your body is actually real?"
"Are you really going to wear that?"
"Do you have any brothers? Are they hot?"
"How many guys have you, y'know, 'done'?"
nettie Profile
nettie answered
You can ask anyone anything but it is the context in which you put it in, don't be gross and disrespectful to anyone as that will put a period at the end of things real quick the best to you

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