There is a girl in my class who I love (or I think it's love). She has a bf who doesn't really like her and she's not really interested either but they're still together. I asked who she'd date after her bf and she's said no one. What to do?


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Support her relationship from far away. When she breaks up with him and only then, you can approach. Until then, you are a supporting character, not the main character. She gets to decide when to move on, not you.

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Rooster Cogburn
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Sure am glad you came here ! Your answers are always the best !
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Thanks for not being like the other people who have no anger management skills. :)
Shinypate one
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I get what you want. Its sad when someone else doesnt deserve it. But essentially she has to end it before you have a clear path.
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You move on.  Love is a reciprocal thing. You may be attracted to her, perhaps even have a chemical reaction but I'm sorry sweetie, it's just not love.

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