Okay stupid question the girl tht said no to me she also said Maybe if she stops dating the guy she would date me.Her friend is hitting on my.But also the girl i liked bf is treating her like crap.What should i do date her friend or wait and date her?


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Lynne Dwyer Profile
Lynne Dwyer answered
That's a bit rude, to date her friend, just to be dating someone. How would you like to be treated as a "just till something better comes along" guy. Even if your dream girl dumps that guy, would you really want to start dating her the day after the break up? I think you should move on. If her heart was in the right place, she'd say it also. Seems like your the "if it doesn't work out with him,,your next" guy. Who in their right mind would tell a potential suitor, Just wait in line, take a number.
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Kate griffin answered
Wait if really like her or move on to someone else but probably best not date her friend because girls can be a bit wierd if  a guy  dates her and her mate , if you were planning on going out with the friend till the girl you liked was free then dumping the friend and dating her
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Janey answered
Date her friend as you could wait for ages and this other girl mightn't leave her guy anyways.
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I can't make sense of your question. Could you edit it because it's complete and utter nonsense to me.

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