So I'm now dating the girl I've liked for about 3 years. She said yes. I taught it would be more exciting. She doesn't look the same and her smoking is a problem but I should probably wait it out? We've hanged out a couple of times and she does seem into me but me not so much but I do like her just wish it didn't take this long. Also the 10 year difference is still on my mind. What are your thoughts about this?


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I remember a long time ago there was girl that I always found attractive, but she was dating someone else at the time. Finally, they broke up and we find out that we like each other mutually.
So we shared our first kiss. Disappointing. Again, the feeling was mutual. Everything that built up to that point just whooshed away. So we left it at that, stayed friends but nothing more.

"The Have is not as good as the Want"
-Chris Cornell

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When did you two decide to share your first kiss?
Soul Fly
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From what I remember we were relaxing in a booth and she was laying back in my arms as I was leaned against the wall. This was a bit after her break up.
Anyways, she turned around and looked at me, I her, we leaned in and well you get the point :) The mood was right, the kiss was good as far as kisses go, but the fireworks were duds .
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It sounds like the relationship isn't living up to the expectations you have been building over the years. I say part as friends and move on.

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Break up! She deserves better!

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