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I asked a friend I've known for 3 years out yesterday and she says I'll think about it. What might she say and what should I do? She's 33 and I'm 23 so I think she's afraid to commit because of that and to be honest I kind of am too but I'm willing to give this a shot. She said she didn't want to loose me as a friend either so that could be another reason why. I could just wait for her response but who knows how long that will take. Should I talk to her or assume it's a no and move on with my life?


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This is a difficult situation to answer on cuz only you and her know the "behind the scenes." As an outsider looking in knowing nothing but what you posted here my thoughts are this (unfortunately) a younger man is gonna make her feel young again. It's thrilling. She enjoys your hunger for her so to speak. A younger man is thinking she is mature, set in her ways, knows what she wants and or will take care of him. He enjoys her age for she is the equivalent of a "teenagers" hormones so to speak. Or he may have mama issues. I have never seen a 10 year age gap work out especially when it is the male who is younger. Sorry. I would leave it as friends and find someone your own age.

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Do you even have "Romantic Chemistry"? Having chemistry as friends is different then that of lovers . . . Just go out as friends, and see if there is anything . . . I did this once, and after we had a long discussion on how it was best to remain friends.

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