Okay, I like this girl and I think she likes me. But she's dating this guy. Keep in mind I'm also a girl, what do I do?


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I think you should ask her if she's a bi-sexual, as it might seem she's the same as you, but she might just like you as a friend, or a best friend. You both are friend's, right? Tell her that you like her, and ask if that's alright with her. If she think's it's 'gross' and 'wrong', then really, she's not really a true friend. But she might even like you to, but want's to stay with her boyfriend, so other people won't think of her as weird, or wrong to be different.

As for the boyfriend part, don't mind that, just tell her, and you'll never know, she might even like you back! And if you told her in the past, that your bi, than she might be okay with you liking her. But if you never told her, than she might not like you the same way. But I hope this helps!

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AWESOMEEE GIRL :D definitely firstly ask her , you may THINK she likes you but she could just be that kind of person , personality /characteristic wise , I think you should talk to her and ask her if she likes you too , some people aren't too out about being bisexual or gay due to society or personal reasons , so I suggest you talk to her about whether shes bisexual and if she likes you.

secondly even though she has a boyfriend it doesn't mean she doesn't like you , she could like her boyfriend and also you , but maybe unsure of who to go with , some people who are bi especially girls decide to go with guys due to not wanting to come out bisexual . But definitely talk to her about you and if she does like you and you like her too , maybe figure a way , she may like you but not want to date or she may like you and also want to date .

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Hmmm, well there are two issues here:

1) Establishing whether she's interested in you

2) Her boyriend

The first part is tricky, because not only do you have to work out whether someone is into you, but you also need to determine their sexuality in the first place.

The other answers on this page deal with that issue very well though, so maybe have a think about their advice.

The second issue is the big one for me.

Regardless of sexuality etc... If someone is in a relationship, I think it's wise to respect that.

If she is unhappy with her boyfriend, then that's one thing - but if she seems to enjoy being in a relationship with him, then you may need to tread carefully as you could end up hurting him, her or yourself.

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Have you considered a threesome?? Most guys would be up for that, and if she likes you it could be the excuse she's looking for to experiment..,

Just watch out, because sex and relationships are two different things, and you could make things very very complicated by all 3 of you doing stuff

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