I like this girl but she thinks I'm a guy who will use her for her body but I'm not. How do I get her to trust me?


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ZombieE Lee answered

Don't just compliment her appearance. Compliment her intellect or personality and maybe laugh at some of her jokes. Recommend a book that you might have in common. And for god's sake, don't be one of those guys that think teasing a girl makes her like you. Other than that I don't have much advice to give because I'm not exactly a lady's man myself.

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Tom Jackson answered

Tell her you are not "bi."--(-Might get a laugh.)

(Oh, I do so miss the difficulties of interacting as very young adults---not)

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Deston Elite answered

Nowadays you really don't. When it comes to a girl like that, I don't worry about them, and just stay friends. A lot of girls will say that to really decent guys. Just stay friends. If you do flirt with her, do it without touching her.

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Nathan Mummert answered

Show her you care. Get to know her, and if you don't like her personality, then don't get together with her.

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