I've liked this girl for a few months. She didn't like me at all probably because I was ugly, but recently I changed how I look like and trust me, it's much better. I saw her talking with her girl friends about me. How should I go talk to her?


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Alice Red Profile
Alice Red , I dig Elvis🚬, answered

Just start off with hi. Introduce yourself but don't be too focused on yourself. Ask about her and find common interests and try to make it a habit to talk to her as much as possible without being creepy/desperate 😆 I hope it works out

Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

First, God doesn't make junk or ugly people so you are the most beautiful person you know. Second, never change yourself for any girl as that means the girl is pretty shallow and doesn't see the real you so just be yourself as God has intended and girls  will come and go.  If she doesn't like you for you, them move on and find a girl who will.  Good luck

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