If You Are Stupid, How Would You Know?


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Ok... Let's see if I can take a legitimate crack at yer question... Whis is: "If You Are Stupid, How Would You Know?"...
 The problem is that you are voluntarily contradicting shared vocabulary. The word stupid MEANS : Either an adjective meaning "lacking in intelligence", or a noun meaning "someone (or something) exhibiting stupidity", which just loops back on the first (the adjective).
Now in your 'explanation' you proceed to say in effect 'I don't mean stupid as in the way it means in the english language, I mean as in some personally defined form of 'stupid' that I'm only gonna give the barest outline of my definition for.'
 By the very nature of the medium you have chosen to communicate with (the computer, and the English Language) you MUST have a shared linguistic base by which the people attempting to answer your question can determine the meaning behind your question. Without a common meaning for the word 'stupid' there is no way anyone can know what you are talking about. If I say "How do I know if I'm getting a good quality cup of coffee?" then in my 'explanation' say "I don't mean the dark colored beverage brewed from ground beans, but the coffee my local beverage stall sells..." O_O Nobody is going to know what the hell I'm talking about...
 Now to your credit (although total lack of tact about it), you are correct. Zuhail did not, in fact, even try to answer your actual question, but I'm saying that you should have expected that kind of answer, seeing as you created an arbitrary definition of 'stupid' based on personal slang use.
 Now for the pointless answer to your question, since I have an idea of what your definition of 'stupid' is (and I say pointless, because there truly is no reason to even think about this kind of person):
 No. Someone of the kind of stupid you are talking about will never know (consciously) that they are stupid (in that way), because what you are talking about is not the inability to learn (necessarily), but the blatant refusal to see what should be painfully obvious to someone even barely conscious. That kind of stubborn 'stupid' will REFUSE to recognize that there is anything wrong with how they interact with the world, and will refuse to see anyone actually making better decisions, and will swear up and down that their failings are because of 'bad luck' or someone 'holding me back!' or some other excuse to avoid recognizing that they, themselves are making bad decisions.
 I hope that is the sort of answer you were looking for, even if you weren't looking for the lecture that accompanied it.
 Best of 'luck' to you.
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Stupid means someone lacking in intelligence. You should rather say word dumb to such people. Being stupid is not an adopted behavior. It is the inability of a person to comprehend the words and relate them to the real world. IQ level of every human being is different. The more you use your brain, the more you can be intelligent.

A lot depends on the environment in which a person is living. A person who had not experienced any machine working with electricity will find it astonishing and will take time to know it's benefits and how it works. On the other hand, a person who has seen it since he becomes in his senses, will not find any problem explaining the product.

You can say that the person knows very well about him/herself. In my view, you best know about yourself than anyone else. Some person tries to overcome his/her inability only if they find some good guidance otherwise, many people disappears in darkness with no hope to learn and change.
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sorry zuhail! you came up short. I don't think you took the time to read the question and explanation thoroughly, nor do I believe you took the time to contemplate the question. Your answer is generic “lacking in intelligence” is right out of the dictionary! The rest of your answer is rambling with no insight. The question was not about calling someone stupid or “dumb”. One’s IQ is not in question. The measurement of IQ is a test conceived by scientists and physiatrists and prepared in a vacuum. It does not encompass all people. Try again if you like. Thank you for your answer.
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You would know if you couldn't answer the question 2+2=
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Just by asking this question.

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