How Do You Know If You Are A Lesbian?


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I am a lesbian and I know I am a lesbian because. I am different than my hetero counterpart,my interest in guys is friendship, nothing more. I love everything about a woman,how she smells, looks, cooks, what she wants, and everything. It's like it's my duty to find out what I do not know.
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Can I ask you please if you are lesbian can you make sex with a man? I mean can lesbian acting to have a sex desire with a man but inside her she like to sleep with lady
Adrian Masters
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Actually that would make you bisexual.
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Only you know the answer to this one. If primarily, your main source of sexual, physical and mental attraction is women, then yes, I imagine that this is the case. There's nothing wrong with it and these days it is possible to even get married as a lesbian in some countries.

Some other countries may still frown upon it, and you will have to decide whether you plan to grin and bear it or move to somewhere that you can be accepted for who you are. Grinning and bearing it will be a very difficult option, because suppressing ones sexuality, tends to be like a champagne cork, there's a lot of pressure and sooner or later you'll just have to pop one off.

There are lots of places on the Internet to get more up to date information, I am not a lesbian, so I cannot speak of my own experiences, but just be glad that maybe you know who you are now. Start living your life.
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Maybe it is just new and exiting but you should know if you are sexually attracted to her or not . Search your feelings and you will know !
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When you feel an attraction for women instead of men.
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Well, I'm a woman. I think some women are attractive. I also kissed a female once, but it didn't turn me on at all. That doesn't make me gay, but if your doing this over and over that's only telling me you are bisexual. I wouldn't jump straight into a group of people though. You got to experience small things at a time at least to see if you really like it. Start off with just one person and if a group thing is something you want to do and your comfortable with the people, hey have fun but be safe doing all that stuff.
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Your just experiancing a curiousity stage..... If your playing kissing games then your not old enough to engage in sex yet...Its normal to be curious about the same sex or opposite as a kid for some....Gay sex never heard of it.... Whether a person is straight, gay or bi....we all "make love". .....
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I'm a lesbian. I just kinda know. I like women and not men. You just know if you are. You know that you are attracted to women by looks, smells, the way she does things.
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By yoout natral feeling if a female is attrected to females without pervertness then she is a lesbian

even for normal people a man and a woman don't attract because of sex  sex comes in 2nd place 1st is everything about the person
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Do you have any advice on how to tell your mum and friends you are a lesbian at 14 years old?
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Simple solution, have the sex if you really,really enjoy it well you know don't you HAVE FUN!!!
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I agree with wesley214 please if you do listen to journeyman know it was your decision just in case something happens
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When you get to a certain age (usually in your teens) you start to think about things like that. Normally you know if your a lesbian when you start having a lot of guys as friends but never actually have a crush on someone. You might be charmed by a girl that you think is really pretty.
If you are in your mid twenty's and never had a small crush on any guy, it could be a possibility.
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Well I'm guessing cause I'm a  straight female,if you starting to have sexual desires for a woman or be into a womans looks

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