What Do You Do If False Rumors Were Being Spread That You Are A Lesbian?


6 Answers

Tara Nelson Profile
Tara Nelson answered
This happened to me!!! Oh my god just let it flow ok if some girl comes up to you and asks you if your a lesbian you answer no... Ok you know the truth if people want to see if the rumor is true they will ask you. And it will come down people will soon forget about it and go on to another person, do not let this rumor get to you because whoever started it is trying to lower your esteem but you should always remember that you are strong and you will live on!!!
Kya Profile
Kya answered
Ask out a guy or make sure everyone knows that you are not a lesbian .
Sunshine Baby Profile
Sunshine Baby answered
Ignore it. If someone comes up to ask you you can just say No I'm not and I don't know how these rumors go started but it shouldn't matter to you. And go on with your life. I know it'll be hard to ignore people but you know who you are and it shouldn't matter if you know that your not a lesbian even though other people think you are.

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