Do You Think That People Are Born Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual?


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There are a number of opinions on whether someone's sexual orientation is something decided at birth. My opinion is that there is evidence of genetic predisposition, but that social environment is also a contributing factor.

What does it matter if people born gay?

In the current climate, the question is particularly pertinent because gay rights issues have come to the forefront of political debate in the run-up to the American Presidential elections.

On one side, there are those who believe that being gay is not a lifestyle choice, but rather a hereditary trait- just like being born male or female.

For this group of people, the idea that gay couples shouldn't be afforded the same rights as heterosexual couples is just as backwards as suggesting people shouldn't be given the same rights based on their gender or race.

On the other side of the fence, there are those that say people are born straight, but somewhere along the way choose a different sexual path.

Whilst this view, in principle, shouldn't cause any real problems, friction occurs when this sexual 'choice' is viewed as immoral or sinful.

Scientific studies about homosexuality.

Over the years, there has been significant scientific and social research carried out to determine exactly what causes someone to be gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Whilst none of these studies have been 100% conclusive, they have argued very convincingly that genetics can have some effect on determining the sexuality of a human being.

To read more about this research from both sides of the argument, I'd recommend the following links:

My personal opinions on gays, lesbian and bisexuals.

My view is that we are essentially born with very little idea of what sexuality is. I believe that the formative years of children have an effect on their sexuality, but this is essentially a moulding or guiding of a basic biologically hard-wired instinct to simply 'be sexual'.

How that sexuality would have developed without any social interference is hard to speculate on, but I feel it's a combination of biological programming and environmental influence that eventually forms our views on sexuality.

Once these opinions are formed, they become intrinsic to our nature, and I feel that judging people based on their nature is fundamentally wrong.
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I believe that even though I am Christian, people do not choose to be gay/lesbian/bisexual, and there is nothing wrong with it. It's just the way they are born, and they can't help who they are attracted to. Some people choose or pretend to be attracted to the opposite gender for attention and things like that.

If you decide later that you like the opposite gender, I don't think that's when the person CHOSE to be gay, rather when they realized it or decided to tell other people.
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Sexual orientation is genetic, not a choice - everybody is born bisexual to some degree including you!

Most people choose their most dominant desire side, though some deny their most dominant side, even to themselves. Some, for social and/or family reasons, try to go with the least dominant side but end up having to admit reality!

Everybody is, and should be treated as socially equal, whatever their gender or sexual orientation. Only an individual can decide the strength of their feelings for any side!
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I like how you put that, but, does that now mean that since i like females 90% (or more) than guys, or have a stronger pull towards females that I'm really lesbian? Personally I consider myself to be lesbian, though sometimes, I feel that I might strangely be Bi because of that small percentage of how friendly I am toward a guy. Could it just be that for the rest of the percent that I like the guy as a friend? I mean I don't ever see myself marrying a male or anything similar. Explain this to me
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Sexuality is not a choice. You have no control over who you are attracted to. If it were a choice, then that means you decide to be straight or something else. But you don't. You are naturally predisposed to being attracted, to varying degrees, to members of a certain sex. Bisexuals are almost never 50/50 in their interests. There are layers.
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Israela commented
The Humanist that believe they are god, they know what is best instead of God always say "they have no control" , but they do "repent".
Rafique Hassan
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Yes Israela we should study what percentage of gay or same sex people repent after they do it even if they believe God doesn't disapprove what they did. I am sure most of them repent. But again it is only a matter of guess only from my part. We need to make a serious research invetsigation before we say "they do repent". Thank you.
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I am gay. I was born this way. Given the choice I would be straight. I do not want to be gay.
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.God creates all LGBT people and God loves all LGBT people. The Holy Bible states that God created man, gay man and straight man are on earth and God put them here to love one another, God's words, try and prove otherwise. Gay and Straight man are here on earth, so God made them and put them here.

All men are the same they eat and sleep and have sex, some have children, gay and straight some don't. This is a fact that has been proven for thousands of years.

Satan has tricked some Christians into thinking that gay and straight men should fight each other and nobody wins. Because God created both gay and straight and there are LGBT Christians and Catholics and straight ones, see for yourself

Don't be fooled by the devil who wants you to fight your brothers and sisters. Do what God tells you to do - love one another.
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You don't just magically turn out to be gay one day, you are gay your whole life - but you don't realise it til maybe one day in your teens is most likely.
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My two neighbors' are lesbians. In fact we were just talking about that and they both said they were straight and then went homosexual. I have talked to a lot of homosexuals and they were again straight and got into coke or crank and got real sexually perverted. The dope breaks down your morals and that's the truth. I believe it's a CHOICE not born with it. Some men are born a little more feminine due to low testosterone, same with a woman a hormone problem.with treatment it can be dealt with.Born that way? NO.
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I believe people are born without a sexual orientation. It is a learned behaviour that people acquire, due to their personal growth and progression in life. It is another form of what makes people "unique," rather than just another person on earth.

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No, I believe that it is mostly a choice. I have friends that are gay and they can remember when they decided they liked the same sex more than the opposite sex....

To be born that way would mean that that was the only way you ever felt and that there was never a time you liked the opposite sex....

When I think of bi I think of someone who is confused on what they want and can't decide, and my friend will straight up tell you he likes both and doesn't know which he likes more....

Just my opinion not law though....
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No people are not born like that, after becoming adults or teenagers, they choose to become like that.
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The creator of all life, when He made a male body puts a male soul in the vessel. When he made the female body He put a female soul in the body. Any thing else would be confusion. Apples grow on apple trees, peaches on peach trees etc. Confusion of the mind to exalt itself above its creator. Hey, truth is still truth even if you don't believe it's truth.
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Nice analogy. I hope this clears up the subject for those who feel that homosexuality is from birth. . . . Because it clearly is a choice.
Graham Naked
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That is the most ridiculous comment I have seen, there are always differences between individuals from birth, nobody is 100% male or female
Mike Hill
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God does not make mistakes or confusion. You do not know the truth about what God did to make male and female because you are not God. People who have been possessed by Satan say God made confusion. If you say God is the creator who made confusion then you have sinned. Why would God make confusion if he is God? You are confused because you are possessed by Satan.

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