Do Most Female Strippers Become Lesbian Or Bisexual After They Have Been Stripping For A While? 


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A stripper's sexuality might be affected by her line of work in a number of ways.

However, whether this leads to an increase in homosexuality or bisexuality among strippers is hard to determine.

Do strippers become lesbians? This may sound like a rather ridiculous question - but I actually think it's very valid, and raises a number of interesting issues.

No matter how much a stripper might tell you that she enjoys her job and dances for the love of entertaining men (and some genuinely do), it is undeniable that a large percentage of strippers are only involved in the business due to necessity.

I'm not here to judge people, or put anyone down who's involved in stripping (in fact I find strippers rather glamorous), but I personally think it's impossible for a woman to subject herself to that kind of environment and not to develop an altered view of sexuality.

Are all strippers lesbian and bisexual? I'm sure not all strip bars and lap dance clubs are so terrible that the women who perform in them are completely repelled by men - but I do think that many strippers become 'detached' from sex, in order to perform naked in front of strangers every night.

It's a bit like having too much of anything, really - if you're working in a Dunkin' Donut store 5 nights a week, there's a good chance that there'll come a point when Boston Creams suddenly become less appealing to you.

I think the same principle applies to strippers. If you're constantly surrounded by drooling men waving their cash at you, it's hard to imagine that you could come out of that viewing male sexual advances as anything but sleazy.

I've known a few strippers in my time, and whilst I wouldn't say they were completely 'bitter' about their experience, I did sense a sort of hidden resentment in them.

Strippers work in an over-sexed environment where men constantly objectify them. In this context, I can see why a lot of strippers might feel more affectionate and trusting towards other women.
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In my experience (and I'm much older than you), they just become jaded and asexual. Many do become misanthropic, but Sapphic reorganizations are not unheard of.

A stripper is probably tired, and just wants to go home and tend to the kids.

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