I Had Sex With My Friend's Ex-Girlfriend ! What Can I Do?


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Depending on when they broke up, and if it is a permanent thing, then none of you should have a problem with it. But, if there is however the slightest chance that they would get back together, then I would tell your friend, and I would make sure that you stay away from the ex girlfriend, and let your friend sort this out for himself.
You sure wouldn't want him to find out down the road, and hate you for not telling him, that would be the same as telling him that you have no respect for him whatsoever. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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Just tell him...so if he  gets mad who cares it's his ex-girlfriend...
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Follow your guts. Whether you do it or don't. Stick to your ideas and the person you really are. Don't risk being mad at yourself because you have regrets about what you did or didn't do. Stay congruent with who you are.
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Okay hm mm I'm about to have a same issue, hope some of you guys can help me. I have a friend that broke up with his girl w/e there having problems there not together... Should I have this opportunity with her, I mean she wants me to come over and w/e and she is very attractive, or should I not I mean I want to but also I have never done that to a friends girl, well in this case ex- girl know what I mean. Pls gimme some insight...

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