I Had Sex With My Mom What Should I Do


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alexia smith answered
What comes out really shouldnt go back in=P
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Lol thats kinda disturbing dude :/
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Anonymous answered
You should go any call child line,you shouldnt be living with your mum if she wants to f*** you and doesnt feel sick. And just think that your mum gave birth to you, you came out of her, you were not designed to go back in
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
Why did you ask the question under anonymous? Did it really happen or is this just a fantasy of yours. Either way you need some serious help!! I hoe you get the help you need. If it is true your mother can go to jail and you will never live with her again.
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Enjoy it!
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AJ answered
Did she make you do it or did you want it?
If she made you, you need to go somewhere safe and call the police.
If you wanted to do it, well, more power to you.
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Courtney Wilson answered
You have really big problems you sick incessed pervert...go get some kind of help!!! Thats your  mother for gods sakes!!! Thats  discusting and wrong!!!

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