Do Condoms Have Little Holes That Sperm Can Travel Through?


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Condoms have holes it happen with me
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Where in the world did you hear that from... That would defeat the purpose of a condom, a condom is meant to stop you from getting std's and pregnant not help you... 
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No they do not but they can break and cause pregnancy and other sexual transmitted diseases
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Not necessary, but certain circumstances can make these holes. Make sure they aren't old condoms, don't have grease or fat on your hands before touching one (ie even eating a packet of crisps).

Edit - I meant to write make sure they AREN'T old condoms. Old condoms, kept in a pocket or whatever for a long time can rub and cause small holes.
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Yes. Fact: Latex condoms have tiny intrinsic holes called “voids.” The AIDS virus is 50 times smaller than these tiny holes which  makes it easy for the virus to pass through them, (1) about as easy as a dime passing through a basketball hoop.

Conclusion: Telling somebody to put a mere balloon between their health and a deadly disease is irresponsible. It’s like telling someone it’s okay to drink and drive as long as they wear a seat belt.

(1) Dr. C. M. Roland, editor of Rubber Chemistry and Technology, letter to the editor, The Washington Times, 4/22/92, p. G-2
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No, where did you get that idea?
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No. Now some females may put holes in them to get purposely pregnant with the guy they have sex with but that's only if they are that way other than that, no condoms shouldn't have holes.
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Derr no they don't get sold with them, but if you have got a pin, I am sure you can put some in yourself.

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