Can Divorced People Be Friends With Their Ex Spouses?


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I have seen couples remain friends after a split, but the question to ask is what do YOU want?  Is this a person whose friendship is worthwhile, in your eyes?  It's possible you will never forget the hurt, but may at some point be able to forgive the things that occurred in the split (or possibly before then) if you really do desire friendship.  And it's fine if you don't want to; not everyone we have held a close relationship with is worthy of our friendship, but you will need to make that assessment for yourself, and not be controlled by your ex's desires or anyone else's concerning this friendship.  DO you want to forgive those things and pursue friendship?  The important things is to allow this to occur in your own time. For some people, it takes a long time to heal.  Some people require an apology to be able to move forward, and some people are able to do so without.  It's important to consider what being friends will look like to you both, and if those expectations seem realistic to you both, and if they are similar.  Honor you own feelings and understand the personal pros and cons of friendship with this person.  Give yourself time to heal - however long it takes.  If you decide you do want to be friends, make sure past issues are put in their place and know that if there was deception involved in your split, it may take awhile to re-establish the trust that is the basis for all solid friendships.  Good luck to you, whatever you decide.
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I know lots of people who are better off as friends now than when they were married.  Also this is much better if they have children.   Go slowly , try to find the common ground that made you friends to begin with.  Sometimes trust has been broken and it takes time to heal and find a way to get past it.  If it matters to you - you will find a way.
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Of Course that is possible.... It all depend on you though because if you still love her and she has moved on it will be hard on you and you may not want to be her friend because you will not be able to handle that she has moved on...  But you have to this step by step because you can be her friend you just have to heal at your own pace and find a common ground as to were you can start the friendship with her... But its a process... My parents went through that and i won't say they are the best of friend but they talk and are good to each other regardless of the situation because they are not together it made there relationship way better.... So give yourself time
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Most definitely but perhaps in your case it will take time.  I know of one divorced couple where the exwife is extremely ill and the exhusband is helping her take care of her personal items (making sure bills are paid, etc).  So depending on your situation my answer would be yes.
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If you think that you can handle it then most definitely but if you still have feelings for him or you hate him then it's not going to be pleasant at all
NASSY NASCARNUT answered both once 'liked' each other enough to be in if the love fades, the likeability may still remain...♥nassy
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I am able to be civil with my ex - he's the father of my kids - but for that reason only. He would like it to be more but you can hurt someone too much and he doesn't understand that.

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