Can I Be Friends With My Ex-boyfriend?


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No it wouldn't be a good idea to be friends with an Ex. It just brings back those old feelings again and it hurts you more that you can't be with him like you was before, It would even hurt you a lot more if he got a girlfriend and since your just buddies he tells you all about it I mean after all your friends now right? Think about it sweetie. I been with a guy for 8 yrs, we have kid together, we broke up its over I sometimes wish we could be friends or buddies but it wouldn't work I still have feelings for him and it would hurt me more cause I want to be with him again. Hope this helps.
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In our relations , sometimes a time come that we no more like other person because of any specific issue but ending up the relation for this reason makes no sense. If now you have feelings for him, you will settle in some days but the time will come again when you will again in a fix what to do. So plan first that you are going to have him and accept him in all the conditions or not .If yes then you can easily contact that person.
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I think if the relationship ended on good terms, and both parties are mature enough to handle a friendship after relationship situation, then yes it is possible. But be aware that if one party isn't mature enough to handle a friendship then cut your can get ugly pretty fast.
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You can become friends but it can be hard if you still have feelings for him. You don't want to feel odd when you are around him as you would't with any other friend. Also how would you feel if he got a girlfriend because if your friends then you are likely going to see then together and you may find that to hard so I suggest that when its over its over.
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Depends, would you guys be friends who never see each other after you broke up. Or friends with a bit of chemistry between you guys making it hard for you guys to stay as "just as friends". It honestly depends on what type of people you and your ex are. Good luck. Personally I would stick with "if you are happy with how things are now, no need to break something that's not broken" ,but as I said before it all depends on you.
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Friends with limitations:

It normally works with a few rules, first you have to be able to tolerate one another, not talk about the past you had with them in public and if you do see them it should be in groups, not alone.

If the break up is recent don't talk to them for a month, after that just slowly small talk again, normally when you break these rules it's because one or both of you still have feelings for another, so yea think about it a bit.
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Yes you can you just to sort your differences and try to become friends again. ^_^
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Yes you can be friends, just don't get back to the couples type of friend or else whatever the reason why you guys broke up will happen AGAIN!!!
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Yeah, you guys just have to put aside that fact that you guys are ex's... All my ex's end up being one of my best friends...
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It depends on why you are thinking about him.  You are the only one that knows for sure if you can stay in contact with him as just friends.  I'm sure you still feel very hurt over the break-up, but if you two can sit down and he lets you vent your feelings, then you can accept him for just a friend.  My ex-fiance and I broke up over 12 years ago and it took me awhile to get over the issues I was angry about, but we still talk to this day.  As a matter of fact he stopped by two days ago just to see how I am doing.
If you want to keep him in your life than do whatever it takes to make it work for both of you.  Good luck.

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