Okay, so my friends will be dissappointed that I will not be able to hang with them. :( I know sad right? What can I do to make sure that they do not miss me too much?


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Oh txt call email anything keep in touch you don't want to miss any gossip ask them 2 sent pics of the newest gossip or if there talking about someones outfit then ask to send a picture or if there at a party ask 4 1 of the songs and another pic of the party words and pictures always help
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Why not ask them to join Blurtit? I'm sure one or two of them are sittin at home right now.
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You can still call them, text them or email to keep in touch with everyone and keep up to speed with all the news and gossip.That's how I work it when I don't see my friends for a few days as we're all working and doing different things.

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