Should I Hang Out With My Boyfriend's Friends?


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The more you hang out with them the better you will get to know them.
Just be yourself and jump in when you have something relative to say concerning the conversation.
If you try too hard to fit in at first, you may end up saying silly things and you might end up embarrassing yourself. There's no need to rush. Things will naturally fall into place after a little while. So just relax and enjoy the time spent with your boyfriend, no matter who you are in the company of. Whether it be his friends or yours.
You will end up on the inside track before you know it.
New relationships can sometimes be awkward, but don't let that hinder you.
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It's very awkward when I'm with my boyfriend's friends. They have tons of inside jokes and I have no idea when to jump in. I want to hang out with my boyfriend and all and I want to be friends with his friends -most are girls :D- but it's so awkward to hang out with them when you don't know a single thing about them! Except for the comments I hear from my boyfriend or other people that's really all I know about them.
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Hanging out with people while they are making inside jokes can be a very nervr racking thing. This is something that I would be discussing with him. Have a plan where he lets you know what they are talking about, and have an idea of what's going on by asking him. I know this can be tough, but remember if your boyfriend is worth any salt just let him know what is going on and see if he can't help you out with feeling more comfortable. Hope this helps you. Have a great day!
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IF you're comfortable then its all fine! :)
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If you are comfortable, then yes, if not then no, you should hang out with friends who you like to hang out with. Life is only so short, spend it on fun things!
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Sounds to me as if you are serious about this guy. you should get to everyone in his life that he hangs with and cares about.Then you will know what the inside stuff is all about cause you won't be living on the outside anymore.Get it. Good luck
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I'm meeting my boyfriends friends wednesday, and I'm scared ill have the exact Same problem, like, boys obviously have their different jokes to girls? So I don't know when to say something, I don't want to make myself look like an idiot in front of them (even though it wouldnt be a change LOL!!) I'm not that nervous, because I'm quite ditzy, I get told I'm a bit slow all the time so I don't mind if they're joking about that : ) but I'm just so nervous, I have no idea what to wear, or how to greet them!!

Anyway! Just be yourself, don't try to hard, and jump in whenever you can : )

good luck!!
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Maybe its not a good idea because how would you feel if your boyfriend starts hanging with your friends thats going to start a big problem maybe one of you might think one is cheating on the other one
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No you should never do that because his friends could be very untrusting except the ones you know very close but not that close hanging out with his friends could get you caught in a cheating situation he will think your cheating on him.

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