All My Friends Have Boyfriends And I Feel Left Out, What Should I Do?


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It's not a race. You shouldnt try and find a boyfriend just to fit in with your friends--It's not worth playing with someone's emotions. Trust me, the right person will come around (when the timing is perfect). So, don't stress... Just think about it this way, there are so many perks that comes with being single. Enjoy it and focus on Having fun. Hope this helped. Good luck. (:
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Looks like we're in the same boat.... What everyone else has said is true. But I do know what it's like to be the odd one out. It's kind of like everyone's paired off. I'm sure you'll get there soon. Don't worry about it. And besides, boys can be really gross sometimes. When ever your friends start talking about how great their guys are, change the subject or point out that you can't relate to the topic. I hope that kind of helps. Just remember that you don't need a boy, you're a strong independend woman!
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Honey its ok....ive been in the same situation!!  Your time will come to have a boyfriend! Don't rush it just cause you feel left out! And when your friends brag about having boyfriends and tell you about them just say..."You are going to HATE it when someday you and your boyfriend are no longer together...and then I'm going to get one and do the same to you...BUT....while I don't have a boyfriend I'm going to enjoy not having to worry about relationships and party with my girls as a SINGLE LADY!"Hope that helps :)
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You will find someone out there trust me you can wait  girl and if you break up then tell him 2 piss off when he wants you back becouse he problobly doesn't he might just want 2 be seen with a girl
trust me I'm a guy who respects women and their choices
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Darling, not having a boyfriend is not a big deal. Be have no problems adjusting to males. Your time hasn't come yet and don't force the issue...just chill out! Cheers!!!

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