Why Do You Feel Neglected By Your Friends? Why They Just Don't Give You Value?


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Friends are our close companions. We may not select other relationships of our choice but friendship is a relationship that we may select by our own choice. We may select a friend of our choice. A man is known by the company he keeps. It is important to have a decent community. If you are in a bad community then obviously people will say that you are a bad guy.
Well you are saying that your friends are not giving you proper value. So, there must be something wrong somewhere. You have to think over it by yourself. Look, you have to ask yourself whether you are giving value to your friends? If no, then you should also give them appropriate importance. Then, you have to think that either you have done something bad to them or they have done something bad to you so the relationship is losing its original value. Then also think about what you are putting into this relationship and what your friends are putting into it. If you have justified yourself then you are right otherwise your friends are right. Look, a relationship asks for commitments and if either you or your friends are not committed you should quit.
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Friends make you laugh and some times make you cry. if you have a best friend or some good friends around you then you are lucky.

In this world where every body is busy in his work people have no time to share their emotions and feelings, a friend is a person who listens to you, who cares about you and tries to help you in every difficult situation of life.

As far as you're concerned, your friends are avoiding you or neglecting or they are not paying proper attention to you. Have you analyzed yourself? Are you going on the right way?

May be due to your attitude they are behaving like that, may be you are not behaving properly or your habits might be hurting them so they start avoiding you.

Any way that's not a big issue don't worry about it .The thing you have to do is just try to find the reason behind all that. Just go to your friends and ask them have you done any thing wrong; if there is a certain issue like that then just try to resolve that issue .I hope things will be in your favor.
Best of luck
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  That's human nature that he wants to be on the top of every thing and he wants to be apples of every ones eye. And when he didn't get that proper attention he starts thinking in a negative way, and that's harmful.

As far as your question is concerned may be its your opinion,things are going good in there own way or may be you have start thinking in a negative way so you are feeling depressed. may be there is certain reason behind that .if our friends are not giving you proper attention or proper time or they are just running from you or trying to neglect you. Have you talked to your friend about there behaviour, may be your some behaviour hurt them or they may be allergic form some of your habits dear you better analyze your self and ask yourself.

Then go to your friend take them in confident and ask the reason's am hope full that things will be good for you in near future. Take care of your self and your friends as well and love them. Because with your love and care you can win your friends heart, be nice to every one try to help them. All these things will help you to change their mind.

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