Why Do Women Give Hints That They Have A Crush On You, But Don't Want To Talk About It?


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That's because she doesn't know if you like her back she drops little hints to see your reaction to them
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I can't remember who coined this phrase but here it is. (a boy chases a girl until she catches him.) if you think about the meaning behind this then you will understand that it is all part of the mating game. It could be her way of assessing your level of interest in her. I came across this in a book on psychology.  If she is really interested in you then she will keep on with the hints so it's up to you to take the risk and ask her directly . I know roles in society today are not as clear cut as in my youth, but I think many women still enjoy the chase. Good luck. :)
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Wow you guys make it sound like its the movie predator XD
but yeah that's life bro, and hey take risks, especially on stuff like this man, you ask her out or something, hey what's going to happen if she says no yet she gives hints= just means shes 2 nervous so its win-win :D
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Actually not only girls even boys give more hints of their crush ..... Even I give hints to my girl.But in case of girls they feel shy to talk about their crush . In brief she want to test you
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It's because she wants to let you know that she has this feeling for you or she likes you. She does not want to talk about it because she doesn't want it to make it really obvious that she like you. Maybe she's just uncomfortable talking about it or something. =)
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I have a girlfriend, we use to talk a lot but stop talking to each other. Now she looks at me and ask for sweet or anything. When I'm around her I get very nerves and ill just walk out. What does she wants from me.

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