Can Anyone Give Me Great Tips For Seducing My Girl Friend?


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So you have tried all the things to get your girl friend in the mood, or just into bed, but found them to be useless? I can tell you a better way which will work in seducing your girlfriend. I will also explain to you what the mistake most guys do in order to seduce a women. In order to seduce a woman you should have a little knowledge about her likes and dislikes.

A Little Knowledge Goes A Long Way
As the girls grows from childhood to the adulthood they also learn number of things about relationships and guys, and many are wary of being led astray. Saying that, most women believe in romance and true love, so, there must be a way to seduce every woman. As all women are different, men should use different techniques for seducing each woman. The first and most important thing for the seduction is to make your girlfriend comfortable.  For a lot of women it is the mental as well as the physical stimulation that gets them to the stage where they are even open to being seduced, so you have to put some effort in.  Most women like to be told that their body is great, and to hear what you like about her. Be consistent with your attention, don't run hot and cold.  There are women who say that they like a 'bad boy' but by their nature, these 'bad boys' are charming and disarming, that's why they're 'bad boys'  because it's not obvious.  Think of the term 'wolf in sheep's clothing'!

A Way With Words
To earn a woman's trust, You should make out that you have never been really open and honest with a woman before, then make a point of sharing a secret with her, and make her work to get it out of you.  She will feel then that she knows you on some level that other girlfriends haven't.  If you can show her any sort of emotion too, she will feel really trusted and close to you, and this is quite a turn on for women. 

You could also try telling her that sex with other girlfriends has never been great, because you have lacked this deeper connection with them.  Then, if she has any kind of competitive streak, she will want to have sex with you to show you how good she can be, and because now, she thinks that this is the final missing piece of the puzzle.   You should obviously tell her she's the best sexually or at kissing that you have ever experienced, and what ever you do...don't talk about past girlfriends in any positive way...this will turn her off totally!
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I'm a girl and all girls are different. My boyfriend is really sweet and caring. We are both seniors in highschool and we are both in love with eachotherr. The number one rule for seducing your girlfriend is  don't rush. Don't pressure her. Your pushing her away when you do that. And don't tell your friends that your going to have sex with her or that you want to. She's going to find out thats all you want and turn her back on you because she feels used. I know from experience. And don't seduce her at her house. No girls like to have sex   at her house. Never look at her boobs. Look in her eyes and tell her you love her. Hearing that makes a girl feel like you really do love herr. Touch her thighs. Rub her ears. Kiss her passionately. Make her feel like your there for her. Cuddle. Make her feel romantic. Never call her "Sexy". Call her sexy when your hanging out and stuff. NOT while seducing! Girls hate that. I definately hate tht!
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My girlfriend likes it when I keep her surprised. The small things you do to show affection are what she loves the most. Swirl your finger on her ass or in the parm of her hand while looking her straight in the eye but in a sexy manner that will end with a slow but passionate approach to a kiss.
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It's good to unleash the alpha male inside you every now and then. Take charge by seducing her, initiating foreplay, undressing her at will, and penetrating her using different positions. She will be pleasantly surprised that you're not doing just plain old missionary. If she's used to you initiating things, take the "high road" by using your charm and smooth talk to stimulate her using words and get her to become aggressive.
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Confidence is key to seduction too. Girls will notice when you are lacking confidence.
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