Is It Normal To Cry All The Time?


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No this sounds like anxiety attacks and I advise you to see your Dr. For proper attention. Hope you seek help soon and get treated....good luck
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Well its not good to cry all the time if you are it could be depression.Thats not good because it could lead to a number of things like suicide and you can keep yourself away from the people you love.On the other hand it is good to cry (sometimes) because it lets out you emotions that need to come out.To be on the safe side I would go to a doctor he or she will tell you what or to go.I have panic attacks and they are not fun a couple of years ago I let them get out hand I wouldn't go out of my house because I would have one so there for I would not do anything to trigger it then I had my son.I think god did it for a reason because as soon as I had him my whole life changed for the better I hope you get taken care of
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Thank you for being so pityful and understanding. Your contribution is well appreciated
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Your very welcome I'm glad to help if you need anything else just ask!
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Feeling sad and lonely,like nothing is going right,or not really wanting to go anywhere,crying,isolating which is staying away from people are the signs of depression,I hope you can go to a doc. And tell him/her what is going on so they can help you get out of this mood,so you can be you again.good luck.
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Sort your life out love, anti depressants.
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It really isn't, there are several things that can be causing this, it could be depression, or anxiety, or a combination of both. I think that you should see your doctor and they should be able to help you out with this. Hope this helps, good luck to you.
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It's normal to cry.  I cry all the time.  But when I get get like really sad I try to think of my friends
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I am so sorry and I know how you fee.  I suffer from depression as well as other issues since my husband died 18 mos. Ago.  You may have clinical depression, and you should see your doctor for some help.  God bless.
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It's normal to cry but not all the time. It sounds like your depressed. If you just cry sometimes then that's ok. But if you cry every other day than in my opinion that ain't normal.
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Everyone is quick to suggest meds and drs sometimes im sad for no reason i think its hormones, its great being A girl:woman

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