Is It Normal Not To Be Able To Cry? Lol


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I seem to remember hearing once that humans are the only animals that cry in the ways we do.
So I suppose by not being able to cry that could be the most normal thing.

I do not think the act of crying has as much to do with dealing with emotions as just working through it in our minds. Sure, a lot of us may cry when working through things, but it is not necessary I wouldn't think.
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It is not normal might not be bad I don't know tears have a practical function it think. I don't think I have ever seen my dad cry but he is cold as ice.
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Well, good for you,you must be real strong!
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You need to drike more whatever
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It just means u have no feelings. (not in a bad way) or u can't feel anything the right way.
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Tears are an emotional release.  They help us to deal with emotions that we find overwhelming.  Some cry when they are angry and some cry when they are sad and some cry from sheer joy, but most people cry at some point in their life.  Perhaps you have just not reached the point of being totally overwhelmed to the point of tears.  When it does happen, and I believe it will, please do not consider it a sign of weakness as some people do.  It is not.  It is a sign that you are human and feel beyond what you are capable of ignoring.  As someone else pointed out, tears are a very human thing.  Do not fight your tears, when you feel the need to cry;  let 'er rip!  Emotions continually bottled up can play havoc with your head and your health.
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I do the same thing so don't worry about it at all (: I can't cry and i don't get angry much so hmm i have no real answer it all depends on you as a person and some people get more easily upset than others. Also it's a case of what makes you sad sometimes it can be a film or it could be a death but am not wishing that on ANYONE so hmm in short yes it's up to you as person but hmm smashing things try and find an alternate way such as painting or doing something constructive (: It helped me (:
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I  Haven't Cried In Decades.. I Write Away My Angers... Times Of Sadness.. I Am Not Without Feelings I Just Write About It In A Way That Lets It Go.. I Wrote Something To My Brother's Widow And I Made HER Cry. People Cry When I Write Stuff At Funerals..I Write Best When I Am Angry Or Sad,  "Think Of Him When Rain Falls Upon Your Cheek.. He Is Crying Because He Misses You  He Is Your Golden Sunrise As You Waken To Feelings Of Him. He Is Your Starry Night As Your Tears For Him Will Not Dry.. He Is Your Early Morning Dew.. His Voice Touches Your Soul.. Feel His Breath In The Early Evening Breeze AS He Talks To You And Tells You It Will Be Okay..
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I luuuuuuvvvv smashing things... It's so satisfying. Such as I smashed a box until it was... "dead." Anyway I think that it should be normal to cry once in a while, like when you're alone, but unless you are too hurt to even shed tears I think that's not normal.
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Jeesh did we get separated at birth or something? Lmao. I always try to appear happy to people so as to not make them feel bad about being my friends. I have the same thing. I haven't cried in a long time, even when I'm supposed to. In moments when I'm SUPPOSED to cry, I just stay stone-faced and with a frozen body like a statue...ah, memories. Oops, did I just appear bad and unhappy in front of you? I'm sorry. Lol did you steal my cheese?
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It isn't natural or healthy. 7 years? Is there exaggeration in this statement? I do not mean to be offensive but you shouldn't take pride in that claim. If you feel like crying, just do it.
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emma loveees youuu xo
I don't take pride in it...i literally haven't cried since i was 5 years old :S
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Sure, but look at all the other people you have brought to tears since you were 5, probably thousands.
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I think if we have been hurt in life it can be our survival instinct that shuts us down or makes us a little colder. It can be to protect yourself from further hurt.
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Of course it's natural not to cry. Everyone expresses His/her emotions in different ways. I don't cry at wakes or funerals. I am almost envious of the deceased. I, though alive, sometimes have the feeling that death is a horrible thing to happen to a person and I don't know if I can handle it.. The fact that the dead have already made that transition tells me that they were no braver than me, but did make it to the other side and I still have that to look forward to. So, I feel sometimes they are the fortunate ones. The only times I've actually cried was at the deaths of my pets, at that I cannot constrain myself.
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I think that its a very healthy thing if you express emotion and cry. I think that sometimes the devil try to numb you and that makes you not care about anything. After i quit church and backslide on God, i couldnt cry or express emotion for 3 or 4 months. I didnt care about how others felt at all because i had no feelings to care myself. I hurt people like that (really bad). So what i think you should do is get in touch with Jesus. I would never wish the gift of numbness on any one.
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Well lol it just depends... Some people are much more sensitive at times and they cry some people just cry at all times.. Even if their happy.
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I am a very emotional guy who cries now and then loll. I normally control myself , but cannot see children crying , i do cry along with them.
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Some people cry more than others, some not at all, as long as you express your emotions in a healthy way (writing, meditating, shouting from a rooftop or whatever floats your boat!) that's fine! Just don't bottle it all up x x

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