How do you make guys cry? They act so tough. I want to know how to make a guy cry.


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There are two ways...1: Punch their adam's apple...hard. OR 2: Kik them in the nuts....hard.
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When they lose someone so close to them guys cry ..shed a tear maybe...but obv you can't kill someone! LOL...some guys do cry ova stuff....and its not wrong too either...some men jus don't like to show emotion even if they really want too..its  not their fault they were born this wayy...
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Yea if they lose someone close to them they do cry, and if the someone they love hurt them they cry
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Haha, I moved a desk towards a guy I hated. He called me a bitch, and I called him a asshole. This was in grade 6. Apparently, I hit him in the nuts. But three years later we both started liking eachother...Silly how these things work, eh? Haha XD
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Break up with them.
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I am a 6'6'' tall 260 lb manly man, and I cry all the time. Its not weakness, its just letting water out of my body so I can make room for strength!

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Tickle them for 30 minutes , first they will start laughing then will end up crying to stop it
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joan saviour
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Then use your fist and bonk him surely either of you will cry
joan saviour
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Yep some people are immune to tickle , i will find a way and let you know
Addilynn Addilynn
OMG THT SOO WRKSS! But their not actually crying tho..jus water coming from their eyes after laughing so much
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We really do cry. Things that girls think might make us cry probably do. We just don't do it in front of girls.

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