Girls Have you ever said something so sweet to your guy that it made him cry? Guys has your girlfriend ever said something so sweet to you that it made you cry?


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Kiara Harris Profile
Kiara Harris answered
Yeah there was one point with my ex...

We'd broken up a couple of times and we were back together for the third time....
We were laying in bed next to eachother...INNOCENTLY

and he said to me..."this doesn't feel right. Somethings wrong"
I started getting upset
and I was like "what?"
and he said "I haven't told you I love you yet"
I full on burst out crying coz I thought it was sweet that he scared me then said that....

We broke up for the third time 2 weeks later :(

what an @sshole
Osinachi Godswill Profile
I thought of giving in to tears but I withstand it when my gf told me that I was her life
Brittany Schlatt Profile
I wish I had someone, and still do. But, a guy on here, told me I'm an amazing girl, that made my day, well it did till I asked for an honest opinion, that I'm not good looking, then my attitude went down south.
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Sara Schwebel
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The best part about being in a relationship is knowing that the guy you are with loves you for everything you are, even when other guys don't like you for certain reasons. What I am trying to say is one day a guy will find you a guy that loves you for how amazing you are and how good looking you are. Just cause one guy doesn't love you for everything you are doesn't mean there isn't a guy out there who doesn't.
Brittany Schlatt
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Yeah, time and time again, I've heard that, but won't believe it till it happens.
Tiffany Tezino
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Gurl dont listen to that what an ass he is for it

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