Should I date this guy if he has 3 kids at only 22?


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Well I Wouldnt.. Hif His Not With His Baby Mother Then It Sounds Like He Doesnt Really Want A Relationship And To Settle Down. But If Your Not Up For That Kind Of Relationship Then Theres Nothing To Worry About. Just Make Sure He Doesnt Leave You Cleaning After The Dirty Nappies lol  :)
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Depends if he sees the kids as an important part of his life. And if you are willing to possibly be a part of their lives. Id say no lol clearly he doesnt know how to wrap it up
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Niq Tuck
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He sees them, takes good care of them. And with me wrapping it up is a requirement. But we're just starting out so I haven't even met them yet. I just don't know if its wrong of me to be bothered by this, especially since it's so hard to find guys without kids. But I do really like him. I just don't know what to do.
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I don't know if you should. If you do don't be the next babys mama.  He sounds like a rambler.

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