What's The Sweetest Thing A Guy/girl Has Ever Said To You?


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I really missed you today.
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I love you more than ne thing else in this world, my boyfriend
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My late husband was a pastor. Whenever he preached on marriage and family he would mention how much he loves me, and what I mean to him.  In front of others.  He also did it in private, but to hear it publicly made me love him even more.  He died in April 2007.  I wish I could hear him say those things again.
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I like you. You are so sweet

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I told him to scream to the world that he loved me, and he whispered in the lowest tone he could manage, "i love you babygirl"
And i was like to he** with you buddy why did you whisper?!

And he said cause ur my world<33

I almost died, i melted
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Kiara Harris
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OMG DUDE i got all tingly just reading that :(
Isabella Catinta
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I know right! He just texted me that! He was like i hae twelve roses that im going to put in your locker in the morning, all real and one fake, and i will love you till the last one dies!!!!! Isnt he SWEEET!!!
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Uh, Your not TOTALLY ugly.- my current BF.

The worst thing he ever said went like this.
(over the phone)
Him-I'm petting my cat Oreo.
Me- That makes me want an Oreo.
Him-You shouldn't eat Oreos, you should loose some weight. Not that your fat, it's just that...um...um...um...
Me (as a joke, in a teasing tone)- It's just that what?
Him-I have to go walk my dog.

He doesn't even HAVE a dog. XD

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My boyfriend wrote me a poem once and at the end of it he wrote ' your my soul's idle' that just made me melt!
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"i cant think about the future cause it scares me to death to think about a future without you *tear* you are just right. You fit. I dont have to show you just my good side because you accept all of me. You understand me, which i had given up on. I dont feel like an outsider since i met you. You are the best!"my boyfriend sent this to me today in a text.. How gorgeous is it!
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Hearing your voice has changed my cloudy day  to one with a giant sun in it.   Or Your face is the face I want to see the rest of my life when I wake up in the morning.  Or please dance with me until the day I die.  All have been said to me by my bf, not a wonder why I love him, although his actions always speak louder than words, and are way more telling of a person's true feelings.  Words can be a trick, actions usually speak clearer or as the phrase goes, actions speak louder than words.
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I love you , I will love you til the world ends , you are my soul , you are my everything , you are the greatest girlfriend I have ever had and I will do anything for u sweetie , those would be some sweetest things that my boyfriend has said to me
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Savannah&Nolen's Mom
O and 1 other thing , you are the only thing I need to live :) my boyfriend is also my everything and he is the sweetest guy that I know

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