What's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to you?=)


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Nothing tugs at my heart more than kids. I've worked as a nanny for years & had random kids live with me. When I get a big hug & they say they wish I was their mom or nana I just melt.

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yeahsure linda
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Waiting for them to set it up. My family is going on the annual trek to the beach next week so I'm staying behind, anytime after that. I only need my daughter to drive me home then I do fine on my own. I set everything up ahead so I do pretty well. The last time I only messed up on 1 thing, couldn't use a can opener. Pull tabs this time on my pineapple. I removed the glass doors from my shower already.
yeahsure linda
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Thanks Sweety
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Once one of my friends said to me in the class that when I sit with my elbow leaned on the table and my face leaned in my palm then I look like a really very beautiful princess , and this just made my day! People have said many sweet things to me but this one touched my heart the most!

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Wel the sweetest thing in the world is that  every one has a different choise and when tells you that, it means a lot.... Itz a very deep thin, most of you may not understand but reality is everuone has different likes.... I love my friends, they are just the best and the cutest people in the entire world !!!
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Oh AA has nobody ever been sweet to you? I bet they have sweetie but you just have not noticed.I would have thought being a Westlife fan that you had loads of like minded friends for a start.If you still can say nobody has said sweet things to you then you have the wrong set of friends---so there!
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Hmmm...'you really are perfect =) x' =)
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No i didnt know. Thank you for that very useful information that will definetly help me in later life when i am in a life or death situation. And if you dont stop calling me german, i'll bite so hard you'll never have another baby again=) and our baby will be fully british and english. Not even ONE german gene=)
Steve Williams
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Not everything is goin to help you in a life or death situation you know....knowing me tho....id take bullets for you =) and didnt we agree on three children....PS ill just choke you on it if you bite ;) hehe angry dragon cough
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Aww thanks=)x and yes, we agreed on 3 children, but at this rate, you'll be getting none=) and i swear reading that last bit made my stomach hurt again...i need painkillers again=) ps you cant choke me on it if ive already bitten it off=)
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"You won't feel alone, just wait for me to get through this" :D
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Sweetest thing would have to be when my boyfriend tells me he loves me
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We had an art show and i am an unpopular girl and people saw me in free dress for the first time that day

TAyla is in the popular clique but she is the nicest person that ever lived. She told her friends that I look beautiful

i was literally very happy

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Loads of people have told me loads of nice things.... But my fave would be when my bf told me that I'll be in his heart 4eva. <3
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When my late husband said I was his angel then sang to the top of his lungs a song he made up, while we were canoeing down the Au Sable River. I almost fell out of the canoe laughing so hard.
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I don't know you were ment for so muh more than this' but that was a dare...-_-

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