How Can I Show My Girlfriend That I Love Her?


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If you seriously love her, she may already know that you love her. There are so many ways to express your love. I love a girl so much and recently I expressed my love. How? I wrote all my feelings about her and how much I love her.

Write A Romantic Letter
I started writing the letter at midnight and completed it by the early morning (at this time all my feelings came out deeply). I feel that you can express your feelings more clearly by writing them, if you just try to tell someone, you often miss the crux of what you wanted to say. Then I came to know that she used to travel every day almost two hours journey by bus. She is a music lover. So, I bought her an iPod in a interesting color. Then, I kept my letter with the iPod in a gift pack and gifted her. While giving, I clearly said to her 'don't open this in front of anyone, open it when your alone'. I hope that this showed her I paid attention to what she says, and that I had really thought about what gift would be most useful, and make her think of me every time she uses it.

Just Go For It!
I feel that, from my experience, at least you may get some ideas. Just express your feelings to her, do not force her. You could treat her to a romantic dinner, even better if you find out her favorite and you cook it for her! You could tell her over dinner how you feel. After expressing your feelings, just leave her to digest what you've said. Don't ask her about her opinion on your feelings. If she also likes you, she might behave the same towards you. Otherwise, spend much time with her and take care of her.
I am sure that, if she feels comfortable with you and you have based your relationship on good foundations of friendship, that she will know even without expensive gifts or fancy words, that you are head over heels in love with her.
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To be honest a lot of the answers I've read here make it sound like girls are mainly bothered by material things, and from what I've gathered their really not. I often wonder if my girlfriend knows how much she means to me, but I know that when I look into her eyes I can see exactly what I mean to her, and I think that she gets the same from me. Truth is, sometimes you just love someone more than words can say, sometimes the only way to let them know what they mean to you is through a lifetime of attempts, taking every opportunity to tell them or show them that you love them, and sometimes there is now way of showing it whatsoever, you just know that they know how you feel, because if you love someone deeply enough, there is no combination of words or a singular action that will sum up what they mean to you, but in the end there will be a whole life's worth of thing they can look back on, and then they will know exactly how much you love them. If you want someone to truly know what they mean to you, then you need to dedicate your life to showing them.
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There are, as they say, more than a thousand ways in which to express your love for this lucky girl!
Words, expressions, gestures, gifts, and so on can be used to show your love for your girl.
If you write well, pen a small poem for her, and gift it to her, while looking into her eyes, with a small bouquet of red roses. I'm sure you must be aware that a red rose is a universal symbol of love!
If you feel you cannot write, then buy a gift for her. It need not be expensive at all; it may even be something that you have made for her yourself. Remember, it is the thought behind the gift that actually counts, and not the gift!
If you feel a gift would be inane, then show your love through your body language and gestures. Look deeply into her eyes when she speaks to you or when you speak to her, listen attentively to what she has to say, and respond appropriately. Do not worry; she will know how much you love her…!
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Its good to have asked this question. Girls as they are need attention. Always pay attention to her and never interfere her conversations with her other friends whether males or females especially males. And don't be jealous of her even if so, don't let see it. Do whatever possible you can do for her. Love don't cost a thing so don't force yourself if you don't have. Prove to her whoever you are. And lastly be faithful to her. But in all things be careful because matters of the heart are very dangerous
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The most effective thing I've ever said to show my girl how much I love her was right before she had to leave to stay with her parents for 3 months due to a class she needed for her degree not being offered here.

She was really broken up - we both were - but she really thought I was going to 'forget about her' or find someone else I liked better. I just held her and wiped her tears away, then looked into her eyes and said "I've waited my whole life for you; I can handle three months."

Then I drove 3 hours every weekend each way just to see her. She hasn't had a lot of doubts about us since that time.
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Take time out of every day to show her that you love her. Notice the little things. Let her know your touch is for comfort (neck-rub foot-rub). Don't lie that you love her if you don't. Make sure she feels appreciated and needed (thank her, compliment "I don't know what I would do without you")
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There is no straight answer to this as every relationship is different and based on different feelings or connection between the two.

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Well if you love her that much than bye her some flowers and ask if she wants to go out to a restaurant.  During the meal, when you are talking say I have to say something and when your about to say you love give her a necklace a present and put the necklace around her neck and than say 'I love You'.

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