How Do I Tell My Girlfriend I Really Am Sorry After A Fight And When I Do Say Sorry She Says I Dint Mean How Else Can I Show Her I'm Sorry?


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If you girlfriend has gone away and she really loves you, then you need to sought out the differential points by contacting her. If she doesn't love you then don't expect her to come back. Normally girls are very sensitive. A guy should realize that he should not hurt her. She may be over frustrated with the behavior. Please give her some kind of space so that she can get over her frustration. Then after some days start a fresh the relationship with her. Hope this works out and you people get along well in future. Try to not to repeat the past and keep in mind her likes and dislikes. Love her in a new way that was never there in you before.
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Sometimes saying you're sorry isn't the same as showing your sorry. If the fight was recently get her some flowers without expecting her to accept your apology. When we apologize expecting to be quickly forgiven we aren't fully acknowledging the fact that we hurt someone's feelings. Apologize and respect her feelings by allowing her time to recover from the fight. Also she might need you to apologize more than once to twice to prove how much you love her and are sorry. Good luck!
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It depends on how drastic the argument was. Did you say anything to hurt her or disrespect her? If you did then this may be a challenge. If you realize this whole argument was a mistake then confront her and tell her that. Above all, be honest with her.

However, if she feels that she needs her space to try and think things over then you have to respect her for that as well. They always say If you love someone, then you have to let them go, but if they come back around then that's how you will know - Meaning, you will know that the love you both have is true.
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If you have not already done this, my suggestion would be to send her a dozen roses, and a card that express how you feel about her, to her job. That usually works, or surprise her with a candle light picnic inside so that you can show how you feel, and not just say it. If all else fells jewelry is always a definite winner.
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I would be impressed with jewelry! no; what i think is important, is that you mentioned just because one[an apology] has been tendered, there is no surety of acceptance. People get over things on different schedules. My man stays mad for a lot longer than me and will not accept an apology until he is ready. That is just reality. be patient, be blessed.Be well.
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Get her back after an argument? First you need to tell her you are sorry, even if you feel it was not your fault. Be understanding that each of you have opinions of things and they may not always line up. That is a big key in making any relationship work, to be able to compromise and understand each of you are different. Sometimes you must agree to disagree and accept the others thoughts as well. Communication does not happen when it in argument form or yelling. The listening mechanism shuts down, we say things that are harmful, become defensive. You should always communicate if if your opinion sare very strong.
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Tell her you love her. Also most importantly remember she is always right no matter what even if she is wrong. We men are handicapped when it comes to arguments because we have a need to make sense...Tell her she was right and you were wrong. After you guys get back together you guys will be stronger then before. Make up sex is the best don't forget to mention that to her.
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Just get her a dozen roses and finish with thats.and keep on telling her you love her and beg for apology thats all.but some guys need a longer period or sometimes they might just flirt with another girl(right in front of you)and the relationship will just never be a relationship
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By thinking of something to do that she really enjoys doing. Make sure that she is having a good time. Then in the mist of it all take her aside or just calmly take her attention. And remind her of the specific situation and that again you are sorry. For a person to state what they are sorry for and that they are sorry proves that the original apology was not just automatic and genuine.
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Well, let me see... you make a mistake and apologize, and she says you are not apologising right? That sounds like she is unaccepting of you or your apology. My advice.  You follow "you don't mean it" with Ok, then I will assume, you don't accept it (my apology), and let me know when you want to accept it.. Then I would turn and walk away. 

She is manipulating you and playing a game with "you don't mean it", and you put yourself out there only to have what ever you said as apology rejected. So accept it, tell her you take that as an unacceptable apology and then leave it to her. Good news for you is, once you refuse to play the game and say ok let me know when you decide to accept me ( as sincere), she will most likely get over herself real quick and call you back.

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Well what I would do is go out and by her some flowers and with those flowers send a long with that send a card with a address of a fine dinner and take here out for dinner and a late night movie

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